Mario Murillo: Secret Weapons

According to Mario Murillo, God has secret weapons! The Bible does not tell us that God has such secret weapons and therefore one must ask: what else has God kept from us that we will, in the coming days, have revealed to us? Mario writes here in an article entitled: God's Secret Weapons - The Fuse to the Next Revival and in this article he informs us that: These "abnormals" are secret weapons-set apart for that perfect moment when God will unleash them on an unsuspecting world. The "abnormals" he refers are these super-christians, presumably members of the New Apostolic Reformation.

The NAR has a long history of failed prophecies and whenever their troops get disenchanted because their prophecies have again failed, then up comes another batch of false prohecies to cheer the troops up. Everyone can see that America is sliding into a political quagmire from which will arise a left-wing Marxist government, which, if what is being said currently, is maintained then all those who possess commonsense will be eliminated. A sort of Pol Pot situation in which the learned classes were eliminated. Why has this occured? A very simple answer is that the churches of America have been swayed by hyper-charismatic fervour and are entering a state of apostasy. The NAR pushes the idea that God wants to turn America back from the brink. Instead of Bible truth, that is, what is actually written in God's word, they turn to what they believe is God's NOW word or rhema word. These words are no more than utterances of their own hearts and minds and then they wonder why America is fast becoming a basket case. In truth, they have caused a famine of God's Word and by doing so are calling God's wrath down upon America.

Mario Murillo then tells us that But you remember the Word of God, and it tells you to do something. You know that God combs the earth for willing vessels who will take up the mighty weapons of God and thrust the sword of the Spirit into the heart of the powers of darkness. Here is the nub of the matter - God's Word never tells us to do something. Faith is not about doing anything. It is about trusting Him. Where is the true Gospel preached on something like the Elijah List? It never is preached. Does anybody in the New Apostolic Reformation understand the undisputed words of Jesus when he says: Jesus responded and said to him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless someone is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3. What does it mean to be born again? It means that the old nature that we have inherited from Adam, that is our sin nature, must die. This removes the stain of sin and we are clothed in the righteousness of Jesus. How do you get born again? It is by confessing that you are a sinner and asking Jesus to carry your sin on his Cross. He became your sin and died taking it away permanently. Anything less means that a person is still dead in their sins and will one day face God's judgement and punishment for all eternity. This is the only message that can possibily change America or any other country which faces those same problems.

God's one and only secret weapon is His Son Jesus.

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