Jamie Rohrbaugh: Travailing

Jamie Rohrbaugh informs us in this article on the Elijah List that I do not want you to stop travailing; to stop groaning; to cease crying out to Me for help. Indeed, your cries are keeping the earth from disaster. You do not know it, but your prayers are fervent and effective, and I need you to continue crying out to Me so that I can save and rescue many around the earth. This is purportedly a word from the Lord but what is she requesting that we should be crying out for? The answer lies in the previous paragraph where she informs us that I have heard your travail and your groaning. I am listening to your cries as they arise to Me. And, beloved, your cries are making all the difference. Making all the difference to what? Here it is in the same article I am harnessing the prayers of My people to accomplish My will on the earth - even though you do not see it. Many things are happening that were not My will, but I still have a plan to work out all things - and I do mean ALL THINGS - for the good of those who love Me and are called according to My purpose. So for God to do His works on Earth he can only do it if we pray. This is a work - it is not grace. Can God only work when we are praying?

In the introduction to this article Jamie says My Son is moving and I am moving. My Son is working; I am working. My Spirit is working and My works are going out over the whole earth. You need to know this: strengthen yourselves in Me! Did God really say these words to Jamie? Are these truly God's words? These words are not to be found in scripture, nor is there a verse which says anything like it. Why do we need reassurance that God is moving and working?

Somehow the New Apostolic Reformation believes that they will usher in the Last Days and invite Jesus to come down and reign over us. God's plans are eternal and do not require us to fight an imaginary spiritual battle in order to effect it. The Bible tells us that in the Last Days the Body of Christ will be persecuted and many killed. It begs the question as to why has God changed His mind and is now going with Jamie's version of the Last Days? The answer is that He has not changed His mind but the NAR has changed the narrative and Jamie's prophecy fits that new narrative exactly. The Bible as a book is complete. It shows the beginning of Man and God's interacting with many people and finally addresses what will happen to all the men and women alive in those times. It is God's word to us and to grasp what He is telling us about the Last Days, then it is a book which we must read and understand, with the aid of the Holy Spirit. Any other understanding like Jamie's is false and turns NAR prophets into false prophets.

15th September 2021

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