Derrick Gates: An Angel called WOW

Derrick Gates writes here on the Elijah List, saying: The angel of WOW who commands a 43 angel war platoon called Shock and Awe visited me recently. I will start from my visitation a few days ago by the Spirit of God.

In vain does one search for a mention of anything scriptural in his Elijah List article. He does use words like God, Lord, church and Body of Christ, but these words alone are not set in any scriptural context whatsoever. He says: there is an extreme increase and aggression of a witchcraft and antichrist-type movement across the country. The Lord plainly said that the increase is a directive right from the highest ranking principalities of darkness to combat the awakening that is happening in the Body of Christ. Derrick is using his own form of witchcraft to combat witchcraft! Where in scripture does it show us an angel called WOW or a 43 angel war platoon? It never mentions them. Derrick is simply adding to scripture.

In the same article Derrick says: The angel WOW is at the doorstep of America and desires to slay the demonic forces that have been released. Will you partner with WOW and let these angels into your atmosphere to shift the things in your life? You must surrender control and ask yourself if you are partnering with God or are you partnering with the anti-awakening? Whilst Derrick here demonstrates that he grasps the problem facing America, sadly his solution is the Angel WOW. What he has actually presented is that satanic forces are coming against Christians and that he is proposing to use satanic forces to combat this. It should also be noted here that the prophecy says: You must surrender control Nowhere in scripture are we told to do this. One of the fruits of the spirit in Galatians v22 is self-control. How can you exercise self-control if we have surrendered control? This alone indicates that these are words from satan himself.

Like many hyper-charismatics today Derrick Gates has wandered far away from scripture and now lives in the cloud cuckoo-land of charismania, where nothing is questioned, tested or challenged. Perhaps he simply has no taste for the Bible and its contents and sees the mess that the modern church has got itself into as simply a means of making a lot of money. Afterall, the Bible does say: and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. 2 Peter 2 v3 NASB. These are words which Peter used against false prophets.

The fact is that the American church in general has not stood up to this nonsense and has willingly allowed these wolves into the fold. It has sadly brought even the true message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into dispute. This mess calls for true repentance from church leaders and a return to solid biblical principles. Maybe the Lord will heed such a repentance, but has it gone too far and is judgement now on its way?

Time and again Zedekiah List has pointed out the distress these charismatic believers must be under. Always the solution to this distress, according to these so-called prophets, is just around the corner. It seems that just as the 'faithful' are getting disenchanted so along comes a new prophecy which will put it all straight. This distress will never go and eventually the 'faithful' will throw the towel in. The reason for this is that the whole edifice which charismania is built upon is simply feelings and senses. It has not been built on firm foundations.

What are the firm foundations? The Bible says that the firm foundation is Jesus. Jesus said Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. Matthew 7 v24 NASB. The charismatic house has been built on sand and when the floods comes it will not stand.

Here is some advice for all who are caught up in charimania: RUN from WOW.

29th November 2018

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