Brian Simmons: I Will Release Again the 10 Principles of Revival Taught by Charles Finney

On the Elijah List Brian Simmons tells us that the Lord spoke to him and said: I will release again the 10 principles of revival taught by Charles Finney! I am releasing two of those principles to you now! The remaining eight principles you must ask for and seek to receive! Why did Brian not pause and test this word? It is not an insult to the Holy Spirit to give due consideration as to whether it is a word from the Lord or not. So what is wrong with this word?

Firstly, The Bible does not list out 10 principles of revival. The Bible does not lay out any principles for revival. In fact the Bible does not even use the word "revival", as we understand it to mean today. "This"revival" is a man-made term to describe a man-made phenomenon. Every person that gets born-again is a revival!

Secondly, why should the Lord be adding to the Holy Spirit inspired scriptures? Why should the Lord want to give us ten principles for revival? If the Lord actually said this to Brian Simmons, then we would have to accept that the canon of scripture is not closed and we would have to face a dilemma, that there is a lie somewhere within the bounds of scripture. This cannot be since it is the Spirit who testifies because the Spirit is truth. 1John 5 v6. The Holy Spirit is truth and cannot lie.

Thirdly, when we read the footnote at the bottom we find that these principles were not actually ennunciated by Charles Finney at all. Brian says: I compiled these 10 principles from Charles Finney from many sources. There isn't one message that Charles Finney taught giving these 10 principles, but rather they became a summary of his revival ministry. So Charles Finney did not give these ten principles himself at all! So to call them the 10 principles of revival taught by Charles Finney is simply not true. Charles Finney never stood up before an audience and ennunciated these principles one by one.

Fourthly, if you read these words of Brian, regarding the ten principles you will find that they are: repentance, prayer, holiness, power, faith, joy, righteousness, discipleship, peace, love. They are what one might expect them to be - words selected from scripture. Brian Simmons has been studying Charles Finney and worked out these principles. He believes them to be so important that that he says the Lord gave him this word. They are all important words but Charles Finney preached scripture, not ten principles!

Fifthly, there is a threat within the last two sentences, and here lies a false prophet's getout clause! I am releasing two of those principles to you now! The remaining eight principles you must ask for and seek to receive! Since all the principles are enshrined within scripture, why does the Lord need to make conditions for what he has already promised? The getout clause is enacted later when you discover that nothing of significance has happened. Why not? well, that of course, was because you did not ask and receive them!

So here we have the false prophet plying his trade and sadly, many will accept this as a word spoken by the Lord, because they too will not have tested this out in accordance with the scripture: Test everything. 1Thessalonians 5 v21. If it is found to disagree with scripture, then we must reject it. One could say that that is a principle of revival! We should also reject the speaker of false prophecies, that is, words from the Lord. He is a false prophet.

30th September 2010

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