Bob Jones: A Proven False Prophet

The IHOP website provides an interesting little fact. Click here for the PDF file itself, which contains Mike Bickle's conference notes for Friday afternoon 18th September 2009. At this conference Bickle gave a history of what was happening in the early 1980's - Sunday May 22nd 1983 to be precise. Here Mike Bickle tells us: Bob [Jones] said the Lord showed him that if we use this (healing) anointing to make money, to manipulate for immorality, or to open doors for our pride, then the Lord will take back this license to heal. This promise and warning is for the youth movement coming behind you.

This is repeated in another PDF file here on page 5, with the wording slightly changed: So many leaders have brought God shame by selling out to immorality, gold, or fame. He is raising up young people who will not sell out.

So Bob Jones has made a pronoucement to the effect that anyone using the healing anointing, whatever that is, for his own benefit will lose that anointing. Now read this story from the ReligionNewsBlog website here regarding Bob Jones and his manipulation for immorality. This might be extremely old news but it is still relevant. Bob Jones has no healing ministry, since the Lord has taken it away from him, as per Bob's own words, due to his improper conduct. Then why did he prophesy at Lakeland over Trevor Baker saying: England has a spirit of infirmity? Read the full text of this prophecy here.

Bob Jones has demonstrated that he is a false prophet, a disobedient prophet and finally a hypocrite. So why do people, especially pastors who should know better, place him on a pedestal and hold him in such esteem? Well?

16th September 2010

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