Steve Shultz: End this Game

I knew in my spirit that since the Whistle Blowers are being released, this is a good time for EACH OF US to walk circumspectly, living a life of repentance, being faithful in the small things, because God is about to BLOW HIS WHISTLE and RELEASE THE WHISTLE BLOWERS - and END THIS GAME. writes Steve Shultz on the Elijah List. This sounds exactly the same as the doomsters who claimed "Behold, the end is nigh". So how comes it that Steve knows?

Firstly, is Steve referring to the end of time? A look through his article might help. He starts by saying This week, I saw a football field that looked more like a college field with the bleachers on only one side of the field. Both teams were playing on the "Left" and the "Right." There is no indication that Steve actually saw this, whether he dreamed it or whether it was some kind of vision. He simply saw a football field. He continues: As the teams played, all seemed normal. From time to time, the refs would throw down a penalty flag, as one team or the other was caught in an infraction of both the letter and spirit of the rules. The crowd watching had no inkling that much more was going on, which was illegal or improper within the game - but the refs would only call the normal or rare penalty. So neither team was playing to the rules and the referees appeared to be either oblivious or going along with it all.

He continues: On the opposite side of the field was a large rectangular, plain brown building, with no apparent reason for it being there. Suddenly the door was quickly opened, and a man in a business suit and a nicely dressed woman came running out onto the field during the game. Each threw a penalty flag down and blew a loud whistle. The field refs were confused, as was the crowd. These "trespassers" were ushered off the field by security and the game proceeded. It seems that the only purpose of the building was to hide the "trespassers" who blew whistles and threw down penalty flags. Suddenly a large door opened in the same brown building and 4-5 people, dressed in various ways, from a plumber and a baker to a doctor and a nurse, ran out on the field in the middle of the game, throwing down penalty flags and all blowing whistles at the same time. So then came more trespassers! Finally, they too were cleared and the game continued one last time until suddenly, multiple doors were flung open from the brown building and hundreds and hundreds of men, women and children ran onto the field, throwing down penalty flags and blowing whistles. The sound was deafening. The game had been overwhelmed and had to be cancelled. The official refs were left clueless as to what to do. Their day was finished as well. Their own GAME WAS OVER! Thus ends the story itself. Let's examine it carefully. The world is the game of football and everyone is corrupt. Suddenly, a man appears with a whistle and confuses the game. This is is repeated with more people each time and Steve says: I heard the Spirit say, "I AM releasing the WHISTLE BLOWERS throughout the earth! Prepare, for everything hidden will be revealed!" So the corrupt world is going to be called to account by the whistle blowers. This sounds ominously like the Day of Judgement.

For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with a voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will arise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up to them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. 1Thessalonians 4 vv16-17. Did anyone hear the trumpet call? No? So how comes Steve Shultz did and the first indication of this momentous event comes from the Elijah List. Either we all got it wrong or Steve did.

Secondly, there is no mention of whistleblowers in the Bible. It is not the task of Christians to expose the sins of other people in the world. The task for Christians is to preach the Gospel to all nations. It is the Holy Spirit's task to convict people of their sin.

Thirdly, the Holy God of the Bible would never use a picture of an illegal act. This occurs in Steve's picture when the whistleblowers invade the pitch and cause the match to be abandoned.

Fourthly, the Bible, as God's Word says, regarding Israel: I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the LORD have spoken, and I have done it, declares the LORD. Ezekiel 37 v14. Israel won't recognise that the Lord has done it, if the New Apostolic Reformation does it instead.

So what is Steve Shultz talking about? As a paid-up member of the New Apostolic Reformation, Steve believes in the idea of super-christians. Call it Joel's Army, Manifest Sons of God, the Manchild Company, Apostles, the Overcomers of Mike Bickle or whatever. We have had the birthing movement which has vainly sought to "birth" this new breed. The first prophecies of all this were given a long time back and yet none of it has come to pass. Why? The simple answer is that the whole concept is unscriptural from start to finish. Mike Bickle, along with others suggests that these super-christians are actually going to pray down the seven bowls of God's wrath and when the world is converted (controlled?) by these people then they will invite Jesus to return and reign over the world. Since the current crop of preachers claim that they have raised people from the dead but they cannot prove it and since none of them has yet walked on water or managed to calm a storm, so the likelihood of their being able to pour out the bowls of God's wrath (instead of God's Angels, according to scripture) would appear to lie somewhere between extremely unlikely and downright impossible.

Steve Shultz is a false prophet.

2nd April 2015

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