Sandie Freed: Throne Room Decrees

During September 2014 the Elijah List has been awash with prophetic words that September will be a special month when things are going to happen. This is based on the superstition that September 2014 is the first month of the Hebrew year 5775. As of now, the 27th September, nothing of significance appears to have happened. Sandie Freed has joined this noisy chorus with her own article entitled: A Time To Make Throne Room Decrees. Steve Schulz, the figure behind the Elijah List heralds the article by saying: You'll really appreciate this word by Sandie, and she has taken special care to HELP the Body in this hour by sharing some awesome DECREES in this word as well! In Elijah List parlance these would be rhema or now words, and this article prompts many questions.

Sandie says in her article: Precious saint, God is promising to give us renewed strength and vision so that we can make what I heard the Lord term as "throne room decrees" that will empower us with the strength to push into breakthrough and, at the same time, push through this narrow place. But first, we need to "come up higher." So these are words purportedly spoken by the Lord himself. Where in scripture does the Lord promise us throne room decrees? Where in scripture will we be empowered to push into breathrough? Why do we need to push into a narrow place? and where is "come up higher"? This all speaks of Latter Rain theology which predicts a race of super-christians, who will be immortal and empowered to put the earth to rights ready for the return of Jesus. Having prayed down the vials of God's wrath they will then invite Jesus to return as King to reign in the Millenium. Thus there is the need to spiritually birth this new breed and hence the childbirth language.

A look at Sandie's theology is required as displayed in the rest of her article. She starts by saying Believer, I believe that you will agree with me that these days are what Timothy described as perilous times (see 2 Timothy 3:1). We won't split hairs over the question of who wrote the book of Timothy but she then says: The times are difficult, so we must "come up" and get direction from the Spirit of God. The "come up" suggests that Sandie is saying we need a visit to heaven to receive our direction from God. After going into detail about the story of Hezekiah and the Rabshakeh found in Isaiah 36 and 2Kings 19, Sandie says Believers, I believe it is the same for us today. Many of us are pregnant with the manifestation of the Spirit. Our spiritual wombs are carrying seeds of breakthrough and glory - yet, we have lost our strength to deliver the child (i.e. the breakthrough, the miraculous, a present-day move of God's Spirit) due to many evil messengers and planned assignments from the enemy. Again we see the childbirth language but there is a greater problem: it seems we have the responsibility of enabling this breakthrough. This presents the idea of a weak and tepid Jesus compared with verses such as worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honour and glory and praise Revelation 5 v12. It would appear that this breakthrough will succeed or fail - depending upon us. Is a sovereign God so reliant on his creation?

Next Sandie says We have been contending for the glory of God to be manifested, and the contending has taken its toll on us spiritually, mentally, and physically. Why are we contending? Were not Jesus's last words on the cross It is finished? So why are we still contending? Perhaps Sandie has the answer when she continues saying Yes, there is a "contender" that is opposing us during this season as we press into more of God's glory. Ah, so satan is at work against us: Yes! says Sandie and adds My main point is this: The contender is furiously opposing us at the threshold of breakthrough. Now here is the problem: The dominionists has mystically developed an eschatology which differs from scripture and so they are waiting on God to bring to about their mystical notions. Will he bring forth these immortal freaks which the Latter Rain theology of people such as Bob Jones have pronounced? Since it is not in God's Word (the Bible) they will be waiting for an eternity no less.

Sandie continues with A familiar spirit, put simply, is a spirit that has become familiar with us individually, as well as generationally. Oftentimes a familiar spirit is considered a "personal demon" because it knows much about us - especially how to ensnare us! We must become alert to the evil whispers and the familiar spirits in this season. The enemy will seduce us with all that is familiar to us if we allow fear to guide our hearts. Does the Bible teach familiar spirits? Do these familiar spirits deal with us generationally? Is it a personal demon? This is all make-believe.

There is more And, at the same time, we are being required to pray Heaven to earth. In other words, we are being instructed by the Lord to access what is unseen and bring it into reality. This new realm of accessing God's glory will release miracles, signs, and wonders. Are we, according to scripture, required to bring heaven to earth? Is there a new realm of God's glory? Will we be releasing miracles and signs and wonders?

And more: Both of these spirits are territorial - meaning they influence territories and regions, as well as individuals. We have been given the victory over these evil spirits; however, they will still attempt to contend against us as we press from glory to glory. This was said under the title The Spirits of Jezebel and Belial: Don't Listen To the False Voice of the Enemy. Does the Bible speak of a Jezebel or a Belial spirit? Do spirits rule over territories and regions? Can we press from glory to glory? Sandie then adds Jezebel and Belial are attempting to steal your inheritance - both in the natural and in the spiritual. Does the Bible confirm this?

The next heading is It Is Time To Make Throne Room Decrees! Sandie then declares Just as John was being called up to a higher place, so are we also! We are being called up higher - to hear God's voice - and to be equipped with the voice which speaks from the throne. Why? Well, I believe it is time to make "Throne Room Decrees!" These are decrees that we receive by accessing the prayers from Heaven and also from God's throne. Since John, according to the Book of Revelation, was invited into Heaven, Sandie assumes, along with many charismatics that such an invitation applies to us as well.

Finally Sandie gives us some throne room decrees. These can be summarised in three words: "God bless America". To give one example she says I decree that my nation will submit to the rule and reign of the Lord Jesus Christ (Daniel 7:14). Even Old Testament Israel failed time and again to submit to the rule and reign of the Lord. Sandie assumes that things in this world will get better and better. The Bible tells us Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed. ... For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; 2Thessalonians 2 vv3 and 6b. The power of lawlessness was at work in Paul's day and that selfsame power is still at work today. You only have to pick up a newspaper to see the truth of that statement. Until Jesus returns, without the help of dominionists, the world is moving continually into greater apostasy.

Sandie Freed's article raises questions which when put against scripture prove that what she is saying is highly unscriptural. The Bible gives us everything we need to know and a true child of God will be content to have it so. Sandie Freed actually attempts to offer a solution to the present day problems when she says The times are difficult, so we must "come up" and get direction from the Spirit of God. Clearly Sandie sees herself as part of the solution whereas in fact she is part of the problem. Why? because she (just like many others) has relegated scripture to a level where it is only useful for proving her ideas but not for providing the solution to this world's problems. Thus the world at large seizes upon this and so today true believers watch helplessly while the world produces such things as political correctness in the hopes that world peace can be achieved without God. Sandie's Jesus is weak and needs our invitation in order to return. The Bible Jesus is described as the Prince of Peace Isaiah 9 v6.

Thus Sandie's "decrees" are fatuous and will never become a reality. They are not throne room decrees but ideas from at best a fruitful imagination and at worst mysticism. Any writer placing such a high regard for their country in their supposed "christian" rhetoric can only be regarded as being a deceiver. A true person of God would be showing Americans how far they have drifted from God, exposing their sin and calling them to repentance.

27th September 2014

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