Paul Keith Davis: A Prophetic Dream

In an article from the Elijah List entitled Deliverers Ascending Zion: This Will Be a Day of Divine Justice Paul writes: I was recently given the book of Obadiah in a prophetic dream with an emphasis on verse 21, highlighting the soon emergence of "deliverers." These will be God's champions who carry His heart, nature and ability as messengers of His Kingdom. Obadiah 1:21 declares: "The deliverers will ascend Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be the LORD'S." For Paul this is further evidence that Joel's Army is about to arise. This kind of prophecy, announcing the rise of Joel's Army/Manifest Sons of God/Forerunners occurs more than once every month on the Elijah List.

The dream itself pointed to scripture and should not be dismissed out of hand. The NIV renders this as: This company of Israelite exiles who are in Canaan will possess the land as far as Zaraphath; the exiles from Jerusalem who are in Sepharad will possess the towns of the Negev. Deliverers will go up on Mount Zion to govern the mountains of Esau. And the kingdom will be the LORD'S Obadiah v20-21. The context becomes revealing since it reveals that Obadiah's prophecy is speaking of the people of Israel. Paul Keith Davis has allegorized one verse to say what he believes is from the Lord. If we relegate Israel from being the focus of God's plans by spiritualizing the church to be the Israel of today then we can accommodate such an allegory. The truth is that Israel has not been supplanted in God's eyes by the church but is the biblical focus of the Last Times.

Why did this word come via a dream? Is it simply that Paul Keith Davis wishes to impress upon his followers that this is a word that they cannot disregard? Does the "dream" indicate that this is a word which is true and certain? An examination of the rest of the letter should confirm that Paul Keith is not communicating a word from the Lord.

Paul Keith Davis continues : Part of the impartation granted to us will be the spirit of deliverance to free many within the Church from the spirit of Esau and the afflictions that have hindered them. It seems that many Christians and churches have experienced a season of barrenness. Nevertheless, our response to these spiritual directives will produce fruitfulness and multiplication through covenant relationship. So Paul regards anyone in any church who does not agree with his interpretation of things to have a spirit of Esau. Presumably, he means that they abhor their birthright. This is judgementalism and contains little or no love for these people. Where in scripture is a spirit of deliverance mentioned? It isn't there. Paul is adding to scripture.

Continuing then, Paul Keith Davis says: It is a true saying, "We are what we eat!" If we consume the revelation of Jesus Christ we will become the same. Is it a biblical truth that we are what we eat? It is not. It sounds here as if Paul Keith Davis is saying that having eaten sufficient we become Christ. Jesus did not have to consume, that is read, the Old Testament in order to become Christ-like he was Christ. As John wrote; In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. John 1 v1. Jesus was, and still is, the word of God. In fact, Paul Keith Davis here is ignoring the fact that we, as Christians have been chosen by God. It is not we who are choosing God.

Paul Keith Davis continues by saying: There is an abiding Glory that will be entrusted to mature Believers to initiate this next installment of Heaven's blueprint. Spiritual doors are open with the invitation to "come up here" to see what He will say. Paul Keith Davis is missing the whole point of scripture when he says entrusted to mature Believers to initiate this next installment of Heaven's blueprint God's plan of salvation, which was begun before the world was formed, is still being carried out even today. Does God need our help? The moment that we try to pitch in to help God's plan we demonstrate that we have no regard for his sovereignty. This is a big problem for people who believe in the New Order of the Latter Rain or Joel's army dominionism, whichever you prefer. If God needs an army to tidy up this planet before Jesus can return then we have a God who is not sovereign and therefore is not God. Where does scripture mention an abiding Glory that will be entrusted to mature Believers. It doesn't. Where does scripture mention Spiritual doors are open with the invitation to "come up here" to see what He will say. Nowhere. We do not have an invitation to visit heaven. This is all a complete fantasy which Paul Keith Davis is passing off as a word from God.

In explaining these portals Paul says We are offered divine access to come up higher in God for a fresh revelation of His glory that will transform us and cause us to reflect His light. There is no scripture which makes this offer. If we wish to grow in Christ then we need to read God's word and do it. If we want a relationship with Jesus it has to be on his terms, not ours since he is the Word of God. It is his word, the Bible which transform us.

Now comes the most fantastic claim imaginable: We have now entered the season of restoration that will ultimately see the Lord's dominion re-established in the earth, as it was originally given to Adam (see Acts 3:21). This will foster an accelerated process of progressive restoration over the next several years. The earth will continue to experience great turmoil as this spiritual conflict rages. There will be many earthquakes, volcanoes, viruses and diseases, disruptions in the seas and other forms of natural calamity. God's people must learn to take authority over these. These people are literally going to re-establish the Lord's dominion and to do this we will have to learn to take authority over earthquakes, volcanoes, viruses and diseases, disruptions in the seas and other forms of natural calamity. Wow! So God's wrath upon the inhabitants of the earth as mentioned in the book of Revelation will not arrive because we will be able to take authority over it. The Great Tribulation is a time of judgement on the inhabitants of the earth because of their unbelief and rebellion against God. To do all this we will be given Heaven's blueprints Throughout the prior years, the Church has attempted to formulate strategies, plans and agendas to accomplish God's plan on the earth. The intent has not been evil, for the most part, but simply to utilize our natural thinking to facilitate Heaven's plan. So, in the past churches have just been plain wrong preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The most encouraging aspect of this pledge is the experiential nature by which it is achieved. Though we clearly have the mandate to win the lost, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed, our most important directive is to know the Lord intimately. So we have a mandate to preach the Gospel but now Paul Keith Davis adds our most important directive is to know the Lord intimately. Those who obey his commands live in him, and he in them. 1John 3 v24a.

The Lord has opened a Heavenly door like the one revealed to John on the island of Patmos, and Daniel while in Babylonian captivity. It is divine access being granted to the righteous who have heeded the messages of preparation over the past season. This is pure fantasy. No such door has been opened to us. No-one in scripture demanded such a door and the two who caught a glimpse of Heaven (the apostles Paul and John) clearly did not even expect such a privilege.

This will be the day of divine justice. There will be a reconciliation of the injustices that have been committed against God's people throughout Church history. Likewise, this balancing of the books will also transpire in our individual lives as we prophesy in agreement with this mystery. The things that we thought would take us under will actually be the mechanism that takes us over into God's promise. If we are going to be repaid for the wrongs done against us (see 1 Peter 3 20-21), then why should we be commendable before God.

Paul Keith Davis takes us on a magical mystery tour quoting many scriptures but misapplying them and adding to scripture, and the result of all this is that he offers a theology which is devoid of truth and an escatology which in no way matches scripture. Steve Schultz of the Elijah List says of Paul Keith Davis's current article These are the days that many saints of old prophesied about and wish they were living in - WE get to be here. So Steve is being deceived. Are you? Hmm, so much for dreams.

29th November 2011

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