Lana Vawser: The River of God's Rest

Lana Vawser is a fairly recent arrival on the hyper-charismatic scene. Her first entry on the Elijah List was in May 2014. Her latest offering, also on the Elijah List demonstrates why she is also on Zedekiah List with 18 quotes against her name. At best she fails to test her own words, which cannot really be called prophecies. Why? you may ask. Well, let's show you.

Lana writes the following: As I spent time with the Lord on a recent morning, I kept seeing a river that was flowing strongly. The current in this river was very powerful, but this river was also inviting and full of peace. It has to be asked: How can a strongly flowing river be full of peace? Such a river would be a dangerous place to be in. Yes, it could be enticing, especially on a very hot day, but not full of peace. This makes no sense and that is what makes it unbiblical. If it makes no sense then it is clearly not from the Lord and is simply adding to the Word of God.

She continues in this way by saying: As I am watching this river flowing strongly, I felt the Lord saying. Let's leave out what the Lord is supposed to have said for a moment and consider the following. The word "river" is dominionist-speak for being in the spirit, supposedly God's Holy Spirit. Secondly, Lana says: I felt the Lord saying. This is a big problem. The prophets of God did not say "I felt" but said, "I heard". They actually heard with their ears and on many occasions they replied with their mouths. There was no "feeling" attached to what was being conveyed to them.

So what did Lana say the Lord said? I am leading My people deeper into the river of My rest where they shall find a greater empowerment and be led suddenly into the 'next best' that I have for them!" So, in this river of rest they will find a greater empowerment and be led suddenly into the 'next best' Is this a place of rest? No, we have already established that but in this rest it appears that we are going to be disturbed. Can it really be both these things at once? Then we see the word "suddenly", which means that your rest has been disturbed. How can you rest or relax knowing that at any moment a "suddenly" will appear. "Suddenly" is the latest buzz word for dominionists. They love suddenlies. This "suddenly" is 'next best' that I have for them! So the previous "suddenly" was the best and now this one will be also be the best. Again, none of this makes sense.

She then continues with The invitation into this river was inviting and was very strong. The invitation wasn't, "Come and dip in your toes," the invitation was "Come all in, in over your head." Lana has forgotten: you must put on your snorkel, since you cannot rest underwater because you cannot breathe there.

Let's go further: On the banks of the river I could see the swirling of what has been going on in the spirit over the past while, where many had been left wondering where they were going or what's going on. The sense of invitation in the atmosphere suddenly increased even more. I could feel the passionate, longing heart of Jesus for His people to come into the river. There it is again - Lana Vawser "felt".

And still further: I watch God's people, who have jumped into this river simply through obedience, be overtaken by a peace they have not experienced before. I see them floating on their backs so rested, so joyful, so full of confident expectation of hope and joy of what Jesus is doing and about to do. The picture shown beside these words on Elijah List shows a torrent that even a good swimmer would think twice about before venturing into. Yet, according to Lana she sees many people doing so and there they have peace! These people, who are apparently not drowning, and are so full of confident expectation of hope and joy of what Jesus is doing and about to do. Why cannot Lana just tell us what Jesus is about to do? Perhaps that is asking too much of the modern-day prophet.

Then Lana adds As they were floating along in this strong and powerful current, I noticed that many of their eyes were closed. The peace is SO deep, the trust is SO deep in Jesus, that there's NO FEAR. They don't even need to "SEE" where they are going. They just know they are held by Him and He is leading them. If they were underwater as Lana's words require how can she see that their eyes are closed?

Then Lana "hears" from the Lord: Flowing along in this river, I could see the Spirit of God doing such a deep work in their hearts and souls. I heard the Lord saying, "Yes there has been great opposition, yes there has been great weariness and pressure, and now in encounters with Me and encounters with My love, I am bringing REST to the heart and soul. Many have been 'treating' this weariness externally, where the 'root issue' needs to be healed internally. I am dealing with unbelief and fear and I am bringing My people to a higher level of faith. In seeing Me, I am BREAKING OFF the pressures of man that have come over many in this season in the place of surrender and repentance that many of My people are moving in, for moving in unbelief and fear, I am releasing an UPGRADE AND IMPARTATION OF FAITH! SOAKING in this season is a KEY for many. Soaking in worship, soaking in My presence is a KEY that will set them FREE and see them flow deeper in My river of rest. So amongst all this we have an upgrade, an impartation, and there is a key - you must soak in his presence! Well, you would be soaked if you were in a river.

Dominionists promise much and raise peoples expectations to high levels. When their words fall flat so their followers are deflated, they presumably need words like these from Lana Vawser to be able to pick themselves up again. It's a roller coaster ride which the Bible never promises. So, compare all that Lana Vawser says when she felt/heard from the Lord with what Jesus Christ himself actually did say, and then make your own choice:

Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11 vv28-30.

Simple. Thank you Jesus.

5th September 2016

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