Lana Vawser: False Prophet?

Anyone who follows Lana Vawser should be asking questions. The Bible is quite clear when it says: But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has counseled rebellion against the LORD your God who brought you from the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of slavery, to seduce you from the way in which the LORD your God commanded you to walk. So you shall purge the evil from among you. Deuteronomy 13:5. Of course, it may be argued that this is Old Testament rather than New and here it clearly speaks of the Israelites' time in the wilderness. It can be seen to be in New Testament times when Jeses says: Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Matthew 24:13. This is also repeated on many other occasions in scripture.

Lana Vawser has made many prophecies and the simple question which must be asked, even of the most ardent of her followers, is she a true prophet according to the standards laid out in both Old and New Testaments?

On 17th May 2014 she is quoted as saying: I sense the seven mountains burning in the Spirit right now. God is raising up people right now in these seven mountains with great favour to bring Kingdom ideas, new creativity, teaching them the ways of God, bringing transformation to those seven cultural influences. Key, influential people in these seven mountains are being and going to be radically transformed by LOVE, which will then release a wave of radical transformation and change into the culture and the world. Is there anyone out there whose testimony includes anything Lana has said in this quote?

On 29th April 2015 she informs us that It is divine time for both of these nations [Australia and USA] to come into their destiny. It is divine time for both of these nations to take their places. It is time to stand, it is time to contend, it is time to join together and see the enemy's rampage squandered. Some of the greatest demonstrations of My power and My victory are about to be demonstrated in these nations as the people of God join together in the Spirit and cry out to Me. Have America and Australia come into their destiny? Have we seen these demonstrations of His power and His Victory? Have we seen the enemy's rampage squandered?

On 25th May 2015 she writes: I am calling My people to come before Me and to ask Me what part they have to play in the seven mountains of culture. For I am releasing My people that are positioned in great acceleration into these mountains in the United States to bring about a demonstration of MY GLORY STORY! My STORY of reconciliation, of repentance, of restitution, of restoration, of rebuilding, of healing. I am releasing specific Kingdom keys right now into the hearts of My people with specific insight into how I will use them in this nation to bring about great change. It is NOT over. The story has not reached the end. I want to do something new, something glorious, but My people must enquire of Me and not abort that which I want to release. My people must continue to cry out. Does the Bible mention MY GLORY STORY. What are the specific keys which are being released?

On 26th July 2015 Lana tells us The increase over creativity is SO significant in ALL areas right now, and there is a creative wave of increase being released and it's time to ride the wave. I felt the Lord say, "I am taking back the mountain of arts and media." Has the Lord taken back the mountains of arts and media in the last four years?

On 20th July 2016 she told us I saw this army of light, rising in the decrees of Heaven, deep in prayer and intercession, awakened to their authority in Jesus, and they were moving forward and PUSHING BACK the darkness. I watched as strategic plans of the enemy over the nation were being foiled and postponed in the spirit before they could be put into action. Has anyone managed to push back the darkness? Has anyone foiled and postponed the strategic plans of the enemy?

Today, 13th June 2020 we are informed by Lana that God is releasing this, right now, to those who are truly after His heart and truly seeking to know Him and minister to Him. It is a VERY weighty time, and what He is releasing is going to change the course of many lives, destinies and ministries. He is releasing such deep secrets-revelations from the Word and His heart-and it is going to change the direction for many people. It is going to change expressions for many. It is going to change the way things are done and seen. This is going to be a time of partnering with the Holy Spirit in what He is doing on a level that has never been walked in before; a time of truly carrying the glory of God and seeing His power displayed. Surely God has revealed His heart in His Word, so why does He need a prophet to reveal His heart now? Does anyone actually believe what Lana Vawser says? Apart from Steve Schultz, of course.

13th June 2020

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