Lana Vawser: The Battle is Over

According to Lana Vawser, a member of the Australian Prophetic Council, the battle is over and God is recompensing the warriors who took part. The article which makes this claim appears on the Elijah List and can be read in full here. One must ask: What battle?

The New Apostolic Reformation or NAR for short has encouraged their adherents to go to battle with the forces of evil. Nothing is moving at the pace which they had been given to expect with the result that layer upon layer of false prophecies have attempted to maintain the momentum within the NAR ranks. Lana Vawser, in wanting to rally flagging hearts, tells us: I heard the Lord say: "My recompense that I am now releasing is FAR OUTWEIGHING the battle and warfare you have endured. I am adding MORE to you. I am adding INCREASE to you. What the enemy meant for your harm, NOW I am turning for your good." So this prophecy is for now or should it be NOW. Now, NOW means now - not tomorrow or next week or next year or even next century - it means NOW. The NAR believes that we must confront and defeat Satan and his cohorts head on through intercessory prayer and when he has been defeated then we will invite Jesus to come and reign over us. The Bible never says that.

Lana begins the article by telling us Recently one afternoon, as I was going about my day, I suddenly heard a loud roar in the spirit. I heard the ROAR of the Lion of Judah so loudly. As He was roaring, I could hear the sound of the Lord's recompense. While I was listening to this roar, a sense surrounded me strongly that for many who have been in a battle, which has intensified in the last weeks or so, His roar was decreeing: The BATTLE HAS BROKEN and the fierce recompense of God is now being released. It was a roar of the vengeance of God. Notice that she heard in the spirit, a sound. What does that mean? Again can you hear the sound of recompense? Then she says that she senses. What does that mean? Lana is into mysticism. She would probably make a very good fortune teller.

She goes on to say: I really understood that the Lord wanted to give a word of encouragement to those who have been in intense warfare. What the Lord has been speaking and what He has been showing you in the midst of the battle, He is going to continue to confirm. Also, His words, the things He has decreed, He is actively watching over. They WILL be fulfilled, and fulfilled in many suddenly moments. It is a sad fact that if the starting point is not on scripture then it has no promise of God behind it and therefore there can be no recompense. She makes empty, heartless promises that will never be fulfilled.

God has laid out his plans for this world in The Bible. It details: Creation, Man's beginnings, Man's interaction with God throughout history and ends with a new Heaven and new Earth. Lana Vawser, the New Apostolic Reformation and every one of their preachers (and there are a great many) are ignoring God's guidelines found only in scripture, in favour of a feelings-orientated gospel, which is simply no gospel at all. To put it bluntly: the NAR gospel will save no-one.

9th October 2018

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