Joyce Meyer: Do This One Thing

In a short video, which can be found on the Elijah List, entitled: Do This One Thing and You are Guaranteed a Double Blessing Joyce Meyer begins, by saying: I'm not here just to tell you my great story of success. So Joyce Meyer's success must be attributed to Joyce Meyer.

She continues by saying: but I want you to know that God is no respecter of persons which is true but then she says: and what he does for one person he will do for another, which is not true. God is not oblgated to treat each person in the same way. This is known as political correctness.

But it's not going to happen if we don't trust him. Trust him. This is also true, but only if we are in obedience to God's word. If we pick out of thin air something which we want to do and follow Joyce Meyer's formula, then no matter how long we wait it just won't happen. And trust in God means that we stop trying to make things happen ourselves and we wait on God. Making it happen would be a work. Waiting on God for it to happen is also a work. Faith is far more than the definition that Joyce Meyer gives here. Here is a definition of faith: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11 v1. Unless what we hope for is in line with scripture then we will wait in vain.

She then gives a cop-out clause by saying: And God doesn't do it as we'd like him to or the way we'd like him to, Did her audience hear this? Probably not because they were waiting for the ear tickling bit: But I can promise you today. It is here that Joyce Meyer departs from scripture. She can promise nothing. She has elevated her standing to being so close to God she believes that she can give such promises or guarantees.

But I can promise you today if you will keep your eyes on God and trust him to be your recompense and to be your reward and to be your vindicator you will get double blessings for your former trouble. Double blessings are such a favourite of Prosperity preachers. If her word fails (as it probably will), then will she be paying compensation to her victims? No, because she has told her victims to keep their eyes on God.

So Joyce Meyer gives her blessing on people's faith and leaves God to carry the can. In truth, believing Joyce Meyer's word here is actually the beginning of your troubles.

13th August 2017

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