Johnny Enlow: Gold in California

Who benefits from the giving of a prophecy? The simple answer should be: one person and that is God. What actually happens is that there are often many beneficiaries but God is rarely amongst them. A good example of this is an Elijah List article by Johnny Enlow which can be read in full here. It is entitled Prepare to be Amazed. Massive "Gold" Discovery In California Well, we are all amazed!

Johnny Enlow is a dominionist and his footnote says: Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society- until the real God of all of life is displayed in the 7 primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education. Thus Johnny Enlow and his fellow dominionists are happily adding to scripture. Scripture is quite clear - you may not add to scripture and clearly Johnny is doing just ths when referring to the Seven Mountains Prophecy.

You must bear in mind that this prophecy is given on 10th July 2013 shortly after Johnny Enlow had moved to Santa Barbera, California. The first paragraph says: "You must now arise and shine with a message and attitude of hope and faith." The Lord says, "I am going to do something in your state - that should I tell it to you, you would not believe it. I am going to turn everything around. I am going to invade every mountain and sphere of your state and I am going ignite a turn around that will astound all. I have released the great angels already. Remember Johnny is has just arrived in this state and yet the Lord gives him this message. Note the false prophet's get-out-of-jail-free card when he tells us before anything else, that we must arise and shine with a message. So what Johnny has prophesied fails to happen it will be our fault, because we did not arise and shine.

He continues by saying: "I will work with My children who will choose to see Me and what I am doing as opposed to what the enemy is doing. The religious anxiety and sobriety you have felt is not Me, and I ask you to step out of it. I will now arise upon My Josephs and My Josephines. I am inviting all of you and even demanding of all who are Mine to leave behind despair Christianity. You must rise above the fray and see Me and what I am doing. I will turn your state around. Who are the Josephs and Josephines? They seem to be involved in despair Christianity, whatever that is. So the Lord is going to turn California around. OK, but how? "There will be another gold rush and it will astonish the experts. I will release and reveal gold in places where it is assumed there can't be gold. I will economically rescue you with My kindness and you will even be used to economically rescue the nation. I still have 90% of California's treasure hidden for such a time as this. Even the desert will bloom and will reveal unexpected treasures. All those who heard this prophecy must have been wildly cheering and dancing in the aisles. Did any rush home and start digging up the back garden?

Let's build the picture a little. Firstly, California was where the first great gold rush occurred. It began in 1848 and mushroomed in 1849 such that those who moved there to search for gold were called forty-niners. Since 2009 there has been a renewed interest in panning for gold. The enthusiasm for this has been fuelled, not by new discoveries of gold but by an increase in persons with time on their hands such as those who have lost their jobs. See source here. Now, Johnny Enlow comes to California and views this as a second gold rush and hence his confident assertion that 90% of all gold in California has yet to be discovered and, and this is a big AND, this huge amount of gold is going to bring new wealth to America. According to Johnny Enlow God is going to use it to economically rescue America.

Now, Johnny Enlow is confident that this is God speaking to America. Has God got the sums right? In the original California gold rush it is estimated that 12 million ounces of gold were found. This is estimated to be worth $16,000,000,000. According to Johnny's God this is only 10% of the gold in California, so there is 9 times that amount of gold still to be found. The value would be $144,000,000,000 or 144 billion dollars. This is a collosal sum of money. Unfortunately, America's debt is currently $16,878,623,981,534 and has risen by 2 million whilst this figure was typed in. That amount is almost $17 trillion dollars. Which is going to paid off by all this new gold from California. So Johnny's god has got his mathematics wrong by a factor of 118. In fact, America's debt is probably rising faster than the gold could be dug out, assuming it was there in the first place!

There's still more! "I will invade the 5 (I-5) and spill over into the cities. I will release My wind into 101 and will release life through it. What was formerly US 66 will be a place My angels will walk and release treasures and presence. I will not be detained as I now have sufficient agreement to act. There will be a great turn around and you must be prepared to cooperate with it. How can a sovereign God be detained until there is sufficient agreement? God acts as and when and how he pleases because he is who he says he is. This is just false prophetic claptrap from Johnny designed to tickle ears.

Johnny then tries to encourage his hearers by saying the Lord has said "I love all your prayers that have come up to Me and now I need you to go beyond the prayers and allow Me to invade every structure, sphere and mountain. Everywhere the soles of your feet will go Monday through Friday - I am ready to make Kingdom territory. Did the Apostle Paul go beyond his prayers? No. Did Jesus invade every structure, sphere and mountain? No. What happened to Saturday and Sunday? Are we commmanded or encouraged in scripture to take territory? No.

"I will send the rains and will break the drought. I will water you with the rains of Heaven and will bring back even ecological balance to your state. I will be made known in government, I will be made known in your city halls. I will be made famous in Hollywood for the old system has broken. But you must awake, you must arise and you must shine. You must be courageous and you must take Me with you into every place you go. You must tell it is I who am helping and you must tell that I am going to even further help. The current Obama administration and city halls do not wish to know anything about the church or Israel. Does the Lord really wish to be made famous in Hollywood? Hollywood will be dealt with on the day of Judgement. The Lord now wishes us to take him everywhere. Frankly, all of this is meaningless.

"As they are astonished at My kindness you must tell them it is Me. You must see into where you live, work and study, and you must tell of the good things I am going to do there. I need you to echo Me. I am going to invade and this time it will not just be the deserts and remote places. I will come right into day to day society and I will be seen. It is not believeable that the Lord God Almighty said these words. At the end there are echoes of Todd Bentley who famously (or is it infamously?) said that Jesus was going to turn up on the coming Saturday. Of course he did not because scripture says he wont. So if anyone tells you, 'There he is, out in the desert.' do not go out; or 'Here he is, in the inner rooms,' do not believe it. Matthew 24 v26.

"California your age of restoration is upon you. As you see your roads and highways repaired and restored know that it will be an evidence and a sign of what I am doing in the soul of your state. "My Church, do not resist Me. My Church do not stay in doubt. My Church agree with Me. My Church cease being judgment-conscious and start being restoration-conscious. My Church enter into My joys. My Church enter in My hopes for you. I am going to do that which you have feared to even hope for. I am going to show you that I am the 'bigger than' God. Today I ask you to join Me. Today I ask you to agree on earth as I am telling you from Heaven." This is pure unadulterated nonsense. Does a State have a soul? Is the church judgmental or restoration conscious. False prophets have spent years talking about restoration. If the church is weary of restoration then it is about time people started getting judgmental and asking judemental questions like, "Is this scriptural?" I am going to show you that I am the 'bigger than' God. reduces the true sovereign God into a whingeing weakling. It demonstrates that Johnny Enlow does not have any understanding of who God actually is. This entire prophetic article is opportunistic, pretentious and patronising. Can you name a prophet in the Bible who had those characteristics? No, you can't.

Since it has been shown that virtually nothing here that Johnny Enlow prophesied can pass the filter of God's true word, the Bible, the only conclusion that can be reached is that it is entirely false. Johnny Enlow demonstrates that he is a false prophet and true believers should avoid him and every dominionist associated with him like the proverbial plague. In conclusion the answer to the initial question "who benefits": it certainly isn't God; it certainly isn't Johnny Enlow's supporters; or Christians in general. In fact the only person who does benefit is Johnny Enlow himself. He might benefit from more exposure at dominionist conferences and from sales of his books and really that is it.

But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them-bringing swift destruction upon themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. 1Peter 2 vv1-3.

26th July 2013

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