Garris Elkins: "Run Toward the Shore of My Presence..."

It has been said before on Zedekiah List that dominionists with their rhema words encourage their followers and when that word fails to happen then there is despondency amongst those followers. It is quite right that they should be despondent. It should make any of their followers begin to question what they are actually following, but ... no. As if to plug the gap someone, like Garris Elkins pops up with a new rhema word which rebuilds their hopes and expectations. Sadly, these expectations will be dashed in the near future, but there's no need to worry since the cycle will continue over and over again like waves on the seashore.

Garris Elkins tells us in his latest Elijah List article that I am asking you to leave behind a human wondering that is marked with unbelief - wondering if and when I will move again. I am calling you to a place of wonder where you will be like a child unwrapping a gift. My joy will become your joy and wonder. So Garris is challenging his followers with supposed words from the Lord asking when He will move again? He is blaming them for this seeming inactivity on the Lord's part. He should be apologising that his words from the past have not been fulfilled. In May 2011 Garris said The "God" part of what Thomas declared meant that Thomas was following Someone who lives in absolute resurrection power. The declaration of Thomas was the acknowledgement that there would be resurrection power available to raise Thomas above the limiting restraints of whatever he encountered as Jesus led him forward in life. What does he mean by the limiting restraints? He is in fact teaching "Latter Rain" theology. This teaching says that in the last days there will be super-christians who will be immortal. They will form Joel's dread army. Why have we never seen one of these super-christians? Because "latter rain" theology lies outside the bounds of scripture.

Having challenged his readers Garris then says: I will remove the pain of regret from among you. This regret has birthed a sorrow like a person who mourns a death. My joy is always before you. Only fear and disbelief would have you look and see death. Remove this blindness from your eyes and look up and out. See it! See what I have prepared. It is good and it is making its way toward you and it will break over your judgments if you run toward the shore of My presence and embrace the wave of My glory. So the supposed words from the Lord are now trying to comfort those who have regret and sorrow, but again their disbelief is challenged. If God can only act if and when we have faith then he is no God at all. He certainly isn't sovereign!

So now Garris faces the problems encountered in the past with his unscriptural words. He says: As I looked out onto the ocean I saw the last wave in the set. This wave was huge and I knew immediately it represented a powerful move of God that was approaching our shores. The lesser waves that erased the lines of judgment were an opportunity to get our hearts ready in preparation to receive what God was sending our way. For Garris, every wave is God moving so now here comes the promise. The biggest wave of all is coming. Are you excited? Have you forgotten all the disappointments of the past: Toronto; Pensacola; Lakeland and many others? Of course, because the Lord has definitely spoken through Garris this time ... surely he has?

Why can it be said, well, predict; This word will come to nothing

The answer is simple. What these preachers are doing is quite simply unbiblical. Why should the Lord ever honour these peoples' utterances when they veer off scripture. Why is scripture itself so important? The protestant reformation was about one thing: sola scriptura, in English it means scripture alone. The reformers realised that the Roman Catholic Church, which had dominated western civilisation throughout the Dark Ages, had parted company with scripture and replaced it with tradition. They also realised that scripture was the most important thing for any believer - a fact which has not changed even today. Scripture tells us of the holy scriptures which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 1Timothy 3 v15. So if you value your salvation then you must also value the Bible which is the only book (ie the scriptures) which God has ordained for that purpose. By ignoring scripture we are literally saying that God is not omnipotent. We are in effect saying that: He is incapable of protecting His words as recorded in the Bible and that he has had to rely on chance for His purposes to be advanced. This is simply to reduce God to man's level.

By devaluing scripture we are demonstrating a lack of faith, which means we have no faith. Tommy Tenney in his book "The God Chasers" God chasers don't want to just study from the moldy pages of what God has done; they're anxious to see what God is doing. Even the book title is unscriptural! Paul writes: There is no-one righteous, not even one; there is no-one who understands, no-one who seeks God. Romans 3 vv10-11. We were never called to be anxious about what God was doing we have been called to preach the word. The moldy old pages teaches us who Jesus is and why he came and died on the cross and rose from the dead. In fact the entire Bible is about one person - Jesus Christ.

Thus we can predict that what Garris Elkins is saying will never materialise.

5th November 2013

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