Eileen Fisher: Flow, Rock, Roll in My Spirit

This is one power-packed prophetic word of the Lord by Eileen Fisher. It's full of power to heal, power to equip, and power to move forward. Receive what Eileen is prophesying to us here - it will encourage you greatly in your physical and spiritual man. So says Steve Schultz of the Elijah List here. In saying this it demonstrates that Steve's discernment antenna has been badly damaged, if not broken off completely. Steve is recommending Eileen Fischer's latest bizarre words, supposedly from the Lord.

The problem for modern prophets goes something like this: One prophet says something, and all the other prophets nod in agreement. So the next prophet collects up something that the first had said, prophecies and they all nod in agreement. So this process continues with each word becoming more and more bizarre. The reason for this is that there is no discernment, so the process keeps escalating. It is sad that they are so confident in their prophecies, that these prophets fail to see the need to question them, especially when the bible says Test everything 1Thessalonians 5 v21.

So what did Eileen Fisher say that was bizarre? Apart from the answer: everything. Here are some samples from her latest offering.

I am bringing you new connections that flow, rock, roll in My Spirit. When I say rock, it's upon the Rock of forever. It's the Rock of ages. When I say roll, I say you will roll in the glory cloud. When you roll in that glory cloud, you will come to understand the glory of the 'Lord is the lifter of your head.' Can connections flow, rock, roll in the Holy Spirit? We all get the rock of ages bit! But rolling in the glory cloud? Did Moses on Mount Sinai roll in the glory cloud? Did Jesus or Moses or Elijah or the three disciples roll in the glory cloud at the Transfiguration? And why do we need to understand that the 'Lord is the lifter of your head'? It's normally referred to as 'the neck'. This is bizarre!

I am bringing My Bride along. This doesn't sound very encouraging and continues with: I am declaring My Word over My Bride. My Word will pick up My Bride and carry My Bride, and allow My Bride to run a race that was impossible without the power and the action and the authority of My Word. Whilst the bride idea is clearly there in the gospels, it is not until Revelation that we learn more about the bride: I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. Revelation 21 v3. We are not yet the bride, therefore how can the Lord speak of his bride saying that he will pick up, carry, allow to run a race. You see, this is part of the Mike Bickle Bridal paradigm and not biblical truth. I am bringing My Bride along. has a casualness about it. In scripture the presentation of the Bride of Christ is the climatic finale of world history.

Be Exalted in My Word What does that mean? We exalt the Lord. He doesn't exalt us. There is no scripture which exalts man.

For I am not afraid of truth, for I am Truth. Is this really Jesus speaking? Did he say anything in the gospels which sounded remotely like this?

So many times My people lose their way because they forget that I am the truth. This is simply pathetic and if it were true, it would demonstrate that preachers are not preaching the word of God properly. When Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life John 14 v6 he meant it and doesn't require us to allegorise it any fashion.

Let your flesh NOW become My Word as I was the Word and became flesh. As this happens in your life, you will come to understand togetherness, togetherness, togetherness; you and Me, Me and you. All of us together in the Spirit. Jesus is the Word of God. This is a biblical fact for all time, so how can our flesh become God's word? The union of a man and woman is that they become one flesh, but they still retain their own flesh. One is incomplete without the other. This is a subtle temptation to believe that we are Christ. Note also the repetition of the word "togetherness" which was condemned by Jesus as being the way pagans prayed.

I Am Washing Your Gifts and You Are Going to Expand in My Gifts Is this an acknowledgement that the gift of prophecy that Eileen has, is not a gift from the Holy Spirit? Afterall, if Eileen is offering words from the Holy Spirit would her gift need washing? If Eileen is simply referring to other peoples' gifts then this is a critism of them. It simply does not make sense.

My cloud of glory is going to descend. When it descends, not only will you see it, taste it, you will know and you will be evaporating in My glory. I am going to DEVOUR My people with My presence. DEVOUR My people. Am I not called the Lion of Judah? I am called the Lion of Judah because I DEVOUR? I am going to devour that what concerns you. I am going to devour that which does not further My Kingdom. Here is a classic example of modern prophets adding to one another words which was mentioned in the second paragraph. First we had the "glory", then it became the "glory realm", then it became "living in the glory" and now we are going to "evaporate in the glory". However, it doesn't get better, no, it gets worse. The Lion of Judah is going to devour God's people with his presence! Well, the word devour means eat, so how can a "presence" eat us? This is sinister and sits well outside the bounds of scripture.

That hour of weeping is going to be off of My Bride. Eileen Fisher just doesn't know scripture. Jesus said:v Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5 v4. People who mourn, weep. If we are to be like Jesus then there are times when we shall weep or at least want to weep. Why? because we are surrounded by sin. Yet Eileen is applying this to the Bride as if the Church is the Bride now. This bit continues with these words: That hour of seeking is coming upon My Bride. For as you have sought My face and will seek My face, you will come to understand I am the Seeker and you are the one that is sought after. Tonight the tables are being turned. As you have sought Me in the past, get ready, My Beloved. Get ready, My beloved. I am going to seek you as a Lover that has planted His heart and sealed you into My own heart. If a bridegroom seeks a bride, he is not a bridegroom. A man becomes a bridegroom when he becomes espoused to a woman, who, surprise, then becomes the bride.

Eileen Fisher is not getting her theology from the Bible. She is listening to other prophetic voices to build her theology and, of course, it fails. But then she is in the same boat as Steve Schultz, who was happy to recommend this word as full of power!

12th October 2010

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