Eileen Fisher: Pillow of Unbelief and More

Dominionist preachers will always have a problem. How do you keep up the spirits of your troops when the promises made in the Lord's name fail to come to fruition. In this past year the Elijah List has given a platform to anyone who will offer prophecy to the effect that the beginning of the end is here. Since these promises are doomed to failure then Joel's Army or is it the Manifested Sons of God or is it the Forerunners will always feel let down. Why is this? The simple answer is that none of what they foretell is of God. Put bluntly it is a lie.

C. Peter Wagner has built an allegorical Tower of Babel using dominionist bricks and like the Tower of Genesis chapter 11 it is built for the same purpose, using godly-sounding language but erected in rebellion to God's word. Then they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth. Genesis 11 v4. The emphasis in dominionism is to globally gather everyone together with a common cause bringing peace and joy and love with no more wars, no more death. When this utopian state has arrived then we will invite Jesus back to reign.

It simply is not going to happen because their escatology is unscriptural. If that were not bad enough their words of prophecy are neither scriptural or from the Lord. They are simply uttering words in the name of the Lord which are baseless. Their words have no basis whatsoever in truth. It is not surprising that the idea of such words being tested is scorned, since they would have had to admit they were wrong. If one ignores God's word then one is automatically in rebellion to God and his word. It is the same rebellion that started with Eve in the Garden of Eden and continued with the building of the Tower of Babel and continues to this day. Secondly the use of such words in God's name is blasphemy. This is discussed at length by John MacArthur in The Modern Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit

Eileen Fisher is obviously concerned about people whose hopes have been dashed when she says here: Stand. So many of My people are so tired at getting punched at, they're army crawling. My Bride has been walking bent over and not standing." He said, "Stand." Wouldn't you be tired if all of your hopes and aspirations were failing to come to pass?

So what does Eileen Fisher has to offer? She says: I heard the Lord say, "My people have grown weary in waiting upon answers. My people have grown weary upon waiting on promises. My people have grown weary waiting on promotions. My people have grown weary; weary, weary, weary until they have laid down. They have tried to use the pillow of unbelief over their ears and heads trying to suffocate the voice of the enemy. If you have been listening long and hard to false promises then you would be full of unbelief. Eileen then says: My Spirit is coming to you, to take away the pillow of unbelief so you will be able to suffocate discouragement and become strong, rising up, standing in faith. Eileen, when she says: My Spirit is coming ignores the fact that you receive the Holy Spirit when you are born again. If you are truly born again of the Spirit of God then the Holy Spirit has come! If you choose to feed on rotten food then you will suffer from stomach disorders. If you feed on the living word, that is Jesus, then the food he provides will be wholesome.

Another "prophetess" who has encountered this same problem is Melissa Fisher, who happens to share the same surname as Eileen. Her answer to people suffering food poisoning is found here entitled Birthing your next level. She says: But what she brought up to me is in birthing when you are in that transition period you feel dull and you feel like you don't want to do anything anymore. You are God, but then when one gives way to it you have joy but then the next day you feel like a ton of bricks has just hit you and you feel tired. Well, I want to make this like as a place of encouragement to you. No, you were not just being lazy. All these different things you tell yourself while you are in transition and don't have the passion that you are used to. You are actually Ok. You just birthed something or you are about to birth something. Melissa runs a ministry which visits mortuaries where she and others practise raising the dead! Must be a pretty dispiriting ministry. To summarise what she is saying: If you feel weary and down then the Lord is birthing something in you.

So for all you dominionists out there, who feel heavy and dull having spent hours doing your unbiblical spiritual warfare: praying for your city; mapping its spiritual hot spots; walking around it; staking the land and telling Satan he no longer has authority there, and yet subsequently nothing has changed, according to Melissa you must be birthing something. If you believe that then you need a reality check and to take a long hard look at scripture and you know what? Birthing isn't there.

22nd September 2011

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