Doug Addison: Creating a New Reality

Dominionists are preaching another gospel - which is no gospel at all. How can one say this? It is because they have a works-based theology. In his latest Elijah List article Doug demonstrates this admirably.

Doug says: If your ability to hear God has seemed flat lately, then get ready to hear and take action. So God is only going to act when we are ready to listen. Is this a sovereign God?

Again, in the same article he says: Freedom will come as you let go of old ways of thinking and doing things. According to Doug we will be free if we let go of certain things. But Doug does say what these things are.

Or try this: Try something new and you will be surprised at how effective you will become. This sounds suspiciously like fortune telling and once more Doug does not say what the something new is. He only tells us that you will be effective.

Finally, he says: Staying at peace is a key to getting through obstacles that will shift the spiritual atmosphere around you. Again we must do something - Stay at peace.

In every case Doug is giving us a gospel of works: Get ready to hear; get ready to take action; let go; try something new; stay at peace. What happened to the Holy Spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ who gives the fruit of the spirit, namely: love, joy, peace, patience kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self-control. (Galatians 5 v22) These things come to us not because we are striving for them but because our Heavenly Father loves us and gives us good things. Doug Addison has a gospel of works.

Examine many of these modern day prophets on the Elijah List and they have almost exactly the same advice: Do something! In simple terms they have a gospel of works not the gospel of grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Zedekiah List has mentioned this many times before that Dominionists are selling people a lie. They are telling people that God wants to raise up a mighty army of super christians and you can be one of them. These super christians will take over the world by taking over the seven mountains of culture, namely Economy, Government, Family, Spirituality, Education, Media & Celebration. Once conquered they will invite their Jesus to come and rule. It sounds simple and straight forward but there's one flaw - it's not in the Bible. Hence as prophecy it can never come true and sadly their supporters need regular spiritual pick-me-ups because it just ain't happening. The main consequence of all this is that Doug Addison and many others are preaching another gospel. What Doug has certainly not done is to create a new reality.

8th July 2015

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