Dallas Willard: The Divine Conspiracy

This is the shortest quote on Zedekiah List and it ranks amongst the worst. It is only the title of a book yet it should set alarm bells ringing to any true born-again Christian who picks it up. Why? you might ask. The simple answer is that the title alone is blasphemous. Dreadfully blasphemous. It does not need a Bible to tell you this, it only needs a dictionary. Here is a quote from the Concise Oxford Dictionary: Conspiracy: "A secret plan to commit a crime or do harm".

These words are the very opposite of everything that the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have achieved for our salvation. What the title says, means that God has or had a secret plan and is embarking on committing a crime. If God is holy and righteous, as He is, then He has no thought of committing a crime. The Bible has laid out clearly God's word to every soul on earth and there remains nothing that has not been made known, which God wants us to know.

The Cross which is absolutely central to the Christian faith was a loving God's redeeming act to bring about a true peace in a sinful world: firstly, to our hearts and person; and secondly, to the world around us. Nowhere in that act of redemption could God be said to have been acting secretly, attempting to commit a crime, or attempting to do us harm!

Ergo: Dallas Willard has blasphemed our Heavenly Father and his book can add nothing to our true understanding of the person of our Heavenly Father.

5th March 2017

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