Cindy Jacobs: Some will, Some Wont, So What

The above catchy statement comes from Cindy's husband Mike. Cindy clearly likes it. So much does she like it that the Lord gave her a word: Some will get it. Some won't get it. But so what? Just go with the ones that have the ability to receive. Some people have eyes that see. Some people don't have eyes that see. But in this season, I'm believing for you that more people will be the first SW, "some will". Just disregard the "some won't" and go with the ones that will. Are these words of wisdom from the Lord or not? Cindy thinks they are but are they?

The problem of hearing directly from the Lord is that people like Cindy don't bother to test it. "Well, you don't need to test it if it was from the Lord", they will say. The trouble with this attitude is that it ignores scripture. Paul, the apostle, wrote Test everything. 1Thessalonians 5 v21. This is a stunning statement to make because in just two words, it is all inclusive. We must test a preacher's words. We must test a prophet's words. We must test our interpretation of a Bible verse. All these things must be tested against the Word of God and if they are found to be unsubstantiated by other verses then we must reject them. God will never utter words which contradict his written word - it is as simple as that.

What happens when we do not test everything? Firstly we become guilty of ignoring God's holy word and would be in disobedience. Secondly, if its words from the ether, which you believe is the Holy Spirit speaking, when He is not, since you have not tested them, you end up guilty of adding to scripture. The penalty for doing this is written in Revelation 22 verse 12. Secondly, we will end up somewhere where we don't want to be. If the Lord was not truly saying it then you are being duped, yes, duped by Satan. Is that what you want? Many people are following an idea, or destiny, which unless God is in it will not produce the desired end? We cannot bludgeon God into accepting what we are saying as being his will.

But in all this Cindy is telling her followers (the some will) to ignore people (the some won't) who question what you believe the Lord is saying. If you love the Lord and want to do his bidding then you must start with test everything. Cindy then says: The Lord says just press ahead for it. The fact that people are pushing back against you really is an indicator that you're going the right way. So, no push back, you're not a pioneer. Pioneers always have that. There's always that[sic] giants in the land, they're going to come up against you. I said, no giants, you're not in your promised land. So, Zedekiah List telling you to test it against scripture, comes in the category of people pushing back against you. This is sad and unworthy. Cindy is literally saying that if Zedekiah List (or anyone else for that matter) is discouraging a ministry then it proves that ministry. This is absolutely astounding. She is literally telling people to ignore the Word of God. It should be noted that with this attitude you can never be wrong and whatever is your destiny it must come to pass.

How can anyone help you if you never listen to reasoning? False Prophet Cindy Jacobs is flat out wrong and her words, which are not the Lord's will bring a great deal of anguish to a lot of people.

9th May 2017.

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