Chuck Pierce: This Shall Be the Hour of Demonstration

Ever since the late John Wimber introduced the idea of "power evangelism", the concept has been built upon. "Power evangelism" is the idea that evangelism should be accompanied with signs and wonders. The result will be multitudes saved. Since Wimber taught at Fuller Theological College under C. Peter Wagner it is no surprise to find that "power evangelism" is a cornerstone of the dominionist theology. Was it purposely introduced on its own? As this would have enabled it to become acceptable to charismatics before it was revealed for what it actually was. C. Peter Wagner has built a dominionist empire within the evangelical church and can make statements like the following: And now God can trust us with assignments of spiritual warfare that he was not able to entrust us before. So that's why spiritual warfare is so important now. Probably ten years ago we would not have had a seminar on spiritual warfare. Because God has us brought to a place where he could trust us with that. So C. Peter Wagner and his dominionist apostolic cohorts are more trustworthy that the Apostle Paul!

Dominionism is a theology, which at its core lies the idea that Man handed dominion of the Earth to satan and consequently, it is the duty of the church to regain that dominion so that Jesus may be invited back to Earth to reign in glory. A major problem for Dominionists is that this plan does not follow scripture. Dominionists believe that there is coming an unprecedented revival in the very near future just prior to the return of Jesus. The Bible says precisely the opposite: However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth? Luke 18 v8b. Not surprisingly, the methodology for regaining this supposed lost dominion is not found in scripture, but relies on extra-biblical ideas such as taking the land, destroying strongholds, binding territorial spirits and much more. They are extra-biblical ideas because they are not laid out in scripture at all. The great commission was Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28 v19. One might have expected at least one bible verse to carry a similar authority to these words of Jesus, and saying that dealing with satan was a top priority for effective evangelism. It would seem to be that, in the eyes of dominionists missionaries have spent centuries simply wasting their time!

The Elijah List is a haven of dominionists and Chuck Pierce, a C. Peter Wagner cohort, is no exception. In fact he is the heir apparent to C. Peter Wagner. Chuck has written a piece entitled This Shall Be the Hour of Demonstration which can be read in full here. The title gives the idea. Dominionists have adopted the Latter Rain idea of a Joel's Army. The core of this army will come from the great revival. Joel's Army, also known as the Manifest Sons of God, the Man-child Company, Forerunners etc., will be comprised of mighty people capable of great healing acts, miracles, prophecies and power. Ultimately they will achieve immortality here on Earth! So Chuck is now expounding that this is the hour, or day or week or year or decade when this army will begin to be seen. He says: During Purim we prophesied that a Purim Reality would occur. That means something and someone that was set against God's covenant would be exposed and brought to justice. What was prophesied was announced last night when our President shared about Osama bin Laden. Justice was brought forth! So Chuck is claiming that the death of Osama Bin Laden was prophesied! What is a Purim reality? and where is it in the Bible? Now something and someone that was set against God's covenant. Every unsaved person is in rebellion against God and every unsaved person is set against every one of God's covenants. With so many unsaved people in the world, there was every chance that it would be fulfilled.

So here's the dominionist bit: Not only will you have revelation, but this shall be the hour of demonstration. I will cause a people to arise in this hour who will not just know the Word of the Lord and the will of the Lord, but they shall demonstrate it in power and authority in this earth. Out of that demonstration will come such a manifestation of My Kingdom. If this is not Joel's army then it must be Chuck's army. Either way it is woefully unscriptural. Note the rhyming of revelation and demonstration, seemingly another dominionist trait.

A colleague of Chuck's, on the same Elijah List entry, Jay Swallow, sorry Apostle Jay Swallow, prophesied on Friday 22nd April 2011 that We respond to Your notification that this is our responsibility to bring forth the new and the living way. Yahweh! We call upon You. Bring in the clouds. Bring it supernaturally. God we create in our hearts the word. Bring an end to the drought. God we call upon You! Oh God! Oh! Bring it down! We declare this to be so in Yahweh's name. Let it roll, let it rumble from your heart. Agree with me. Thank You Lord, we look for the rain. Get out your umbrellas. The rain is coming! And it did rain!

Is this then the Hour of Demonstration? Do we have a visible tangible miraculous event which confirms for Chuck and every Charismatic idiot that Joel's Army is poised to march? Before uttering a hearty "Yes", let us examine Jay's words further: We respond to Your notification So God notified us then? that this is our responsibility So the Good Shepherd now hands over the responsibility to his sheep? This is totally unbiblical. The idea that we could bring forth a new and living way is tantamount to saying that Jesus' death on the cross had little effect. God we create in our hearts the word. What word is this which we are creating? This sounds very Word of Faith-ish. When has any person in scripture or otherwise created a word? This is blasphemous since it suggests that we have creative powers which put us on a par with God!

So a prophecy fulfilled and a miraculous answer to prayer, means to Chuck Pierce that there is a clear demonstration to the world that supernatural power is here. If all this is truly of God then why is so much of it failing to resonate with scripture?

3rd May 2011

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