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Two Quotes by: Roger Forster of Ichthus Christian Fellowship

We donít know what happens when we declare the victory of Jesus into the cosmos - what we do know is something happens.
Book: by R. Forster/L. Green entitled: March for Jesus p140 Published: 1992.
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Hebrews 2:5 reveals to us that the world to come will no longer be under subjection to angels but will be under subjection to redeemed men and women who will reign with Christ. We are at present in training for reigning. The structures (of the satanic strongholds in the heavenlies) will be refurbished with a whole new personnel.... I believe with all my heart, that the rediscovery of territorial spirits is part of Godís desire and design to get his people into the full knowledge of the Son of God so that we can grow to the full stature, geographically and territorially as well as powerfully and inwardly, and that this will enable us to fulfil the world mission of the Church.
Book: by C Peter Wagner entitled: Introduction to Territorial Spirits pp10, 13 Published: 1991.
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