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Two Quotes by: Wes Campbell of RevivalNow! Ministries Married to Stacey Campbell.

Todd, as a fellow Canadian, there is the word HONOR written over you tonight because of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You have honored the generations that have gone before you. As a son, you have reached out to the fathers and you have said, ‘Bless me.’ And you have blessed us tonight and so we honor you. You’ve honored the word of God, you’ve honored the Spirit of God, you’ve honored the moving the Holy Spirit, and the ways of God. So, tonight, we just affirm that the rest of honor that is upon your life will follow you now in every nation that you go. And you will draw men and women to you that seek honor and want to walk together and want to be what God wants them to be in this generation. Todd Bentley, the word HONOR rests upon your life.
Todd Bentley Commissioning. Dated: 23rd June 2008
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In a sense that is a loaded question in that it may be asking if an issue can be proven by scriptural proof, or if the issue is acceptable based on scriptural principle. Of course, proof is always easier, but often in our Christian walk things are not that clear cut. More often than not the Bible tells us "what" to do but not "how." It states "absolutes," but not "forms." Hence in the 16th century, many reformers destroyed the church organs because they were not, quote, "found in the Bible." Of course, we know that this type of hermeneutic (means of interpreting the scripture) is faulty. So, to answer the question, are manifestation in general (ie shaking with prophecy) biblical? Yes. Is there a specific text for it? No.
Spiritual and Physical Manifestations.. Dated: 1992
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