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One Quote by: Christopher L. Heuertz of Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School Author of the Sacred Enneagram.

[1.30 in] The eneagram is also about excavating essence. So rather than being a pure self-absorption, it's actually a sacred map for self-liberation, helping us find our way back home, helping us find our true self. Right?. So I believe the enneagram is sacred: sacred because it moves beyond personality. It moves us on from tethering us to our simplicities, our foibles, and it allows us to see ourselves for who we really are. It's more ... its more fundamentally, it's less about nine types of paths and nine types of peolle and more about nine inward journeys or nine paths back home, back to God.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 5th September 2017.
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