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The 97% of your DNA thatís not activated is GOD waiting to be activated in man. You have the information and intelligence of Adam the son of God encoded in your DNA. Access and activation to this information will cause you to live as Adam the God-man in the Garden of your Be-in. When Divine Nature is completely activated within man, he will be able to naturally transport himself from place to place without the aid of modern transportation. Elijah and Philip in the Bible were only examples of what will become the norm. Jesus said. {Did he?} As the 97% of unused DNA is activated the 2-Strand double helix becomes a 12 ĖStrand DNA. Since science doesnít understand the 97%, they donít understand the purpose for the 5 extra pairs of DNA strands (shadow strands). The 12-Strand DNA represents man coming into his Divineness. Mankind created in the image and likeness of God can be nothing less that God. Every seed must bring forth after its kind. Man is the visible expression of the invisible God. This has been the Creators plan from the beginning to multiply Himself to the point of filling All things. Organized religion spends time shouting and screaming at their followers convincing them that they are not Gods. It seems to be their mission to deceive their followers into believing they are only human that can not think for themselves. The powers that be realize that if their followers would begin to activate the Divine Nature that would be the end of Organized Religion as we see it today.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 7th June 2010.
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