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... [6.53] There are people who come to me and say "I embrace your gospel of inclusion. But I can't, it's not a theological issue, its a business issue. I'll lose my flock, I'll lose my money, I'll lose my partners, I'll lose myself. I can't love everybody. I can't even love me". And I want to say to that group "This is a wake up call. Until the church, black or otherwise confronts - not combats this issue of human sexuality and homosexuality which isn't going away ... "
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Many assume God to be a “Supreme Being,” supernatural in power, dwelling outside the world, and occasionally invading it to answer prayers or to effectuate Divine will. However, this image of God has been mortally wounded by the evolving consciousness and experiences of millions of people of all religions who have awakened a broader awareness of self, soul, and inner divinity. There is a new perception emerging with this global shift in religious sensibilities. Faith evolves as we do.
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I know many of you would say "What about the Bible?" The Bible says this, the Bible says that, the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I think the Bible is the inspired word of man - about God, and some of that is now expired.
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The Gospel of Inclusion is the exciting and liberating news that in the finished work of the cross, Jesus redeemed the entire world to God from the cosmic and organic sin imposed upon it by Adam, the original man. In effect, the world is already saved, they just don't know it; and, unfortunately, most Christians don't believe it. First Timothy 4:9-10 says, "...we have put our trust in the living God who is the Savior of all men, and especially those who believe." Jesus did not just die for Christians, He died to redeem, reconcile, and ultimately save the Cosmos.
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A person who spends every day getting drunk, will ruin their health, marriage, family and career; they will make their lives a living Hell. But that still falls far short of the chronic alcoholic being condemned by a just God to literally burn in Hell forever and ever. For others it may very well be that the punishment merited by their sins is greater than what they receive in this life. For those people perhaps there will be some kind of punishment after death, but we believe that it will be remedial and corrective rather than just punishment for punishment's sake. Exactly what that will be and how long it will last we don't know. Will Hell for some people last 10 minutes or 10 million years... we don't know. But this we do know; Hell will not last for eternity; it will not be endless... Don't sin. Be reunited with God now, rather than after you have put yourself (and those you love) through Hell. Dated: no date given

The death of Christ made it possible for God to accept sinful man, and that he has, in fact, done so. Consequently, whatever separation there is between man and the benefits of God's grace is subjective in nature and exists only in man's mind and unregenerate spirit. The message man needs to hear then, is not that he simply has a suggested opportunity for salvation, but that through Christ he has, in fact, already been redeemed to God and that he may enjoy the blessing that are already his through Christ
Book: by Carlton Pearson entitled: Jesus: The Savior of the World Published: No date given.
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