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Six Quotes by: Gerald Coates of Pioneer

Well, God doesn’t intervene in many of the situations we would like Him to because He would have to intervene in everything that we say and do that is wrong right the way through to some of the most terrible things happening in nations. What He does is He gives us signs that He is with us and that we can draw help from Him. Jesus changed water into wine. That had no function really. They had already run out of wine in the party so he was only aiding and abetting more drinking.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 15th July 1999.

God has put such a deep concern - the seed in your heart for that place of Westminster. Not just the Chapel but for all of those that live in it - within its shadow. I see that God has narrowed you down and narrowed you down and narrowed you down and the cry has gone up so long as you walk the streets on a Saturday morning, as you've been at home in your apartment - 'How long, how long, how long, how long, how long, how long?' God has continued to narrow you down and narrow you down and narrow you down. He's beginning to take away everything that you thought you could trust in, all the things that were safe, but the Spirit of the Lord is upon you. The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in increasing power, but you need to understand that over these next eighteen months although many attacks will come, that if you are faithful to God, faithful to all that He's taught you, faithful to your brothers and not seek to achieve in human strength what only God can achieve by His Holy Spirit, in eighteen months from this month, in eighteen months from April 1995 your church, Westminster Chapel, will be unrecognisable, completely utterly and totally unrecognisable.
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God's actions are frequently dependent upon the actions of other people").
Book: by Gerald Coates entitled: Kingdom Now! p145 Published: 8th April 1993.
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...the aim was to mobilize Christians to proclaim the name of Jesus and to pronounce the defeat of the spiritual forces entrenched in the capital.
Book: by Forster/Coates/Green entitled: March for Jesus p28. Published: 1992.

Jesus' philosophy in life seemed to be, "Let's confuse as many people for as long as we can". He was an enigma. I felt I could have no better role model.
Book: by Gerald Coates entitled: An Intelligent Fire - Kingsway p 89 Published: 1991.

The Rapture idea is ridiculous... One has to conclude that the secret rapture theory may be evangelical, but is nonetheless unbiblical. It is a grotesque idea - the rapture may be a most agreeable doctrine for cowards, but it is nothing better than wishful thinking and must be relegated to the area of myth and fantasy.
Book: by Gerald Coates entitled: What on Earth is this Kingdom p 36 Published: 1983.
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