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This [The Dunamis Conference 2009] is going to be 9-1-1 for the Devil. 'Cos he's about to bite the dust. You are gonna want to be there. You know I have such a sense of anticipation in my heart for this conference. God is raising up a totally new breed in this nation. A new breed of Christians I understand, that it is truly our job, not just exist but to take over the world and so come, come with your friends, come with your families, come with your enemies ...
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 9th June 2009.

I want to show you guys something that will help you, will help us all together, to understand the power that is in our hand, the power that is in this room and the power that will be in our hands tomorrow. What you’re seeing right here is actually a political graph because that is what the newspapers, in Canada, currently track. This is politics, like, and like hockey and stuff. One day we’ll chart spiritual progression when we control the media.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2009.

Imagine an army of young people, five million strong. Imagine their passion to arise as a youth force that effectively decided who would get elected to political office - a force so powerful that it literally began to change their nation. This actually happened, - They called themselves the Hitler Youth and they changed the face of their nation and the world. How much more could we accomplish with the power of God backing us up.
March 2008 Toronto Missionfest. Dated: 2008
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