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It is in your power to release the ability of God.
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In August of 1973 the Word of the Lord came unto me saying; "If men would believe me, long prayers are not necessary. Just speaking the Word will bring you what you desire. My creative power is given to man in word form. I have ceased, for a time, from My work and have given man the book of My creative power. For it to be effective man must speak it in faith Jesus spoke it when He was on earth and as it worked then, so it shall work now, but it must be spoken by the body. Man must rise up and have dominion over the power of evil by My words. It is my greatest desire that My people create a better life by the spoken word, for My word has not lost its power just because it has been spoken once. It is still equally as powerful today as when I said, 'Let there be light,' but for My word to be effective, man must speak it; and that creative power will come forth performing that which is spoken in faith.
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Jesus was born again in the pit of hell … The church started when Jesus was born again in the gates of hell ...
Book: by Charles Capps entitled: Authority in Three Worlds pp 212 - 213 Published: 1982.
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This is the key to understanding the virgin birth. God’s Word is full of faith and spirit power. God spoke it. God transmitted that image to Mary. She received the image inside of her … the embryo that was in Mary’s womb was nothing more than the Word of God … She conceived the Word of God.
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