George Cairns Quotes

One Quote by: Rev. Dr. George Cairns of Union Community Church in Valparaiso, Indiana

We're really missing that we are in a crisis and it's not only a materialistic crisis for sure. It's a spiritual crisis. I think that we are called as followers of Christ to respond in a prophetic way to the crisis that we are facing and the crisis needs to be ndividual, it needs to be collective and it really needs in the sense I have is that we really need to change our heart consciousness. It's more than education less some of the practise, we can't do this with only our brains, with only our heads and I think that's true we need to do it with more than our inner life we need to, we need to engage in spiritual practices for us and our tradition and to encourage people in other traditions to engage in spiritual practices and open our hearts to all of creation so that we can better embrace what's going on. ... Dated: 5th July 2009

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