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You cannot go deep into spirit with your natural mind. You cannot go deep sober. You have to be filled with him, intoxicated with him. ... There's method in the madness. This is often wasted when like Nicodemus you don't understand the move of the spirit... I'm not talking about Gimme a word. Gimme a word. I'll give you a word if you want a word. The word is: Get a Life! ... One of the purposes of these meetings and the craziness is to break the idolatry of the mind and release the inner child….
Sloshfest 2008:. Dated: 8th November 2008
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Ok before we take off, clapping, lets get the reading done. Luke, LUKE! Chapter TWOOOOOO! I tell you what... Lets look at chapter 1. Settle down please, Ladies and Gentlemen! Luke chapter 1 and verse 5. Lets go back to the reading... Luke- chapter 1- verse- verse- verse- COCKADOODALDOOO! Oh dear, haahah. Luke chapter- - - verse- - - COCKADOODALDOO!''
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. Dated: 1st August 1997
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