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Six Quotes by: Richard Foster of Renovaré Founder.

We want to turn to the Lover who is whispering in our ear and look in the divine face, trace with our fingertips the beloved features while speaking softly in return, and rejoice to see ourselves reflected in Jesus’ gaze and feel our very existence affirmed by his intimate awareness of us.
Book: by Richard Foster entitled: Life with God, p. 68. Published: 4th May 2010.
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By now enough water has gone under the Christian Spiritual Formation bridge that we can give some assessment of where we have come and what yet needs to be done. When I first began writing in the field in the late 70s and early 80s the term “Spiritual Formation” was hardly known, except for highly specialized references in relation to the Catholic orders. Today it is a rare person who has not heard the term. Seminary courses in Spiritual Formation proliferate like baby rabbits. Huge numbers are seeking to become certified as Spiritual Directors to answer the cry of multiplied thousands for spiritual direction.
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We must be willing to go down into the recreating silences, into the inner world of contemplation. In their writings, all of the masters of meditation strive to awaken us to the fact that the universe is much larger than we know, that there are vast unexplored inner regions that are just as real as the physical world we know so well. . . . They call us to the adventure, to be pioneers in this frontier of the Spirit.
Book: by Richard Foster entitled: CIC Issue 105; March/April 2008: Published: April 2008.
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What are these Spiritual Disciplines I am speaking of? Oh, they are many and varied: fasting and prayer, study and service, submission and solitude, confession and worship, meditation and silence, simplicity, frugality, secrecy, sacrifice, celebration, and the like. The commonly identified public religious activities are important to be sure, but the less commonly practiced activities like solitude and silence and meditation and fasting and submission to the will of others as appropriate are in fact more foundational for Spiritual Formation.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 18th January 2004.

{defining spiritual formation} The process of transforming the inner reality of the self in such a way that the overall life with God seen in the Bible naturally and freely comes to pass in us.
Book: by Richard Foster entitled: Celebration of Discipline p. 10 Published: 1978.
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We should all without shame enrol in the school of contemplative prayer.
Book: by Richard Foster entitled: Celebration of Discipline p.13 Published: 1978.
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