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Two Quotes by: Henry T. Blackaby of Blackaby Ministries International Founder and President Emeritus.

There is nothing more important in life than understanding when God is speaking to you. If you are disoriented to Godís voice, your life is dangerously vulnerable. The Bible indicates conclusively that God does speak to people and that he does guide them to his will. The problem of not hearing from God never lies with God. He does communicate his will. It is not a matter of us searching in vain for Godís hidden will. He readily reveals it to those who show themselves obedient to do it. If you do not hear Godís voice, could it be your heart is not ready to respond to what he says? Are you clinging to sin or holding out against what you already know of his will? No matter what the reason for the silence, there is a remedy: repent and return to God. Allow God to soften your heart so you are ready to hear his voice and to respond in obedience. Continue seeking and listening until you have heard him speak to you in his unmistakable voice. When he does, it will change your life.Ē ; Richard Blackaby.
Book: by Henry T. Blackaby entitled: Hearing Godís Voice Published: 15th September 2002.
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If you have been given a word from God, you must continue in that direction until it comes to pass (even twenty five years like Abraham).
Book: by H T Blackaby entitled: Experiencing God p132 Published: 31st October 1990.
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