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Step out in faith today and make a vow to God. Vowing is one of the best ways to stretch your faith-but only when your vow goes beyond your natural resources or abilities. I don't need much faith to vow $100 if I have $2,000 in a savings account. But, if I don't even have a savings account and can barely pay my bills, then a $100 vow will stretch my faith indeed. For I will have to seek God and focus on Him to supply the seed to pay that vow. I challenge you to stretch your faith today. Look beyond your circumstances, beyond what you are and have, beyond the obstacles. Look to God, seek Him first, and trust Him with all that you have. Make a vow of faith to God and fulfil it - you'll see your faith reaching heights you never dreamed of! To make a vow, call 1-866-940-0177
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 10th June 2010.

{a believer is} A god kind of creature designed to be as a god in this world. Designed and created by God to be the god of this world.
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Then we can tell God, on the authority of His Word, what we would like Him to do. That's right, you can actually tell God what you would like His part in the covenant to be.
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Being poor is a sin, when God promises prosperity. New house? New car? That's chicken feed. That's nothing compared to what God wants to do for you.
Trinity Broadcasting Network program. Dated: 1990
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