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Eight Quotes by: Wanda Alger of Dove Christian Fellowship International

It is the SPIRIT that is preparing to REVEAL the works of God and the destiny that has been hidden for us. We are about to see this third Person of the Trinity come in fullness upon the earth as He ushers in the weight of the throne and the fear of the Lord. He is coming for an OUTPOURING of glory, might, authority, and dominion over all the earth.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 19th December 2021.

As the first shall become last and the last shall become first, Heaven now issues the charge for women of valor to come forward. Your time is now and victory is assured.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 9th June 2021.

I saw people rushing to contend for PROPHETIC DECREES to OPEN PORTALS IN THE SPIRIT. I saw them running to cover and protect prophetic voices (literally laying on top of them to protect them from attack), for these orders must be given for Heaven to act! Heaven recognizes those with pure hearts and is calling for these prophetic voices to REMEMBER THEIR CHARGE to speak the decrees of the Lord!
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 16th February 2021.

Rather than looking for a platform to speak from, the Lord is saying that YOU are that platform from which He is going to build and establish a lineage of rulers and agents of transformation.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 8th May 2019.

We are all called to pray, but I believe there are many who carry this Mordecai mandate this commission to stand in the gap, take action, and be an example that will inspire and motivate others to be change agents in our communities and nation. May God's grace be upon them to be strong and courageous, for the battle is the Lord's and the victory will be ours.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 12th July 2018.

"You're beautiful!" This is what the Lord is saying to His Bride and what He wants us to say to His Bride, the Body of Christ.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 18th November 2017.
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It is the women of God, the daughters of the King, that are being given a supernatural favor and grace in this hour to pioneer and break through enemy territory that has never been taken before. The call to women is to be courageous and take those rough roads that few others have taken. This is the King's pleasure, for He has uniquely created and qualified us for this breakthrough anointing.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 4th February 2017.

I believe the Body of Christ in this nation is prophetically on the water's edge of crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land of Kingdom inheritance. A few scouts have gone ahead of us and are already seeing and experiencing what lies ahead. Others are wading in with anticipation. But, many within the Church are still hesitating to jump in. It's not because they don't want to go, but because "fear and unbelief" have them tied to the shore. It's time to cut the cord.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 19th August 2016.

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