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Two Quotes by: Doug Fortune of In Christ International

Receive from Me and do not resist as I manifest Myself, My essence in you. Many times I must take My people to a state where their mind is incapacitated and their body immovable as they lie prostrate before Me. For in this state I can impart my essence directly into your spirit without having to pass through the gates of your mind and your body. As I breathe into your spirit, many times the body reacts with physical motion and your mind reacts with visions. Those who force everything to filter through their finite mind have much difficulty receiving impartation from Me.
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O, that you would acknowledge your fallen condition before Me... O, that you would cry out for My mercy! For I desire to pour out My mercy upon you, but to a people that are unrepentant and satisfied in their religion I will not bring mercy, but judgment. Repent, My people, and turn.
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