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Two Quotes by: Bill Gothard of Institute in Basic Life Principles Founder.

Failure to properly love myself causes me to be unable to properly love others. ... Self-worth comes by knowing that I have a vital function within the body of Christ. ... Self-acceptance is the basis for glorifying God and being conformed to the image of Christ
Book: by Bill Gothard entitled: Secrets to Self-Acceptance p23 Published: 2004.
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... you want to break destructive habits; conquer anger, guilt, and bitterness; restore vital relationships with family and others; experience true freedom and happiness; understand why things happen to you; and discover God's purpose for your life ... THIS SEMINAR IS FOR YOU. This Seminar presents seven non-optional, universal principles which every person must follow regardless of culture, race, religion, education, or social status. These principles teach people how to have successful lives, marriages, families, and businesses. ...
Institute in Basic Life Principles website. Dated: August 1997
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