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At a conference in Birmingham attended by people from the UK, Ireland, USA and Brazil, and during a time of prayer for the healing of the Nations, I was blessed with this vision: I saw a very large sword (a Claymore - as in Braveheart) which was laid upon the top of an altar. This was THE SWORD OF THE LORD. I asked our Father what was the significance, and then I was shown many small swords being tossed into an open furnace, melted down to make this one new larger sword. I believe He said this to me: "I am bringing My Church to a place at the end of her own understanding and devices, so that they have begun turning to one another, seeking strength through unity. Those who are relying upon the old ways must now learn that the old swords are useless for the battles which are ahead. Behold ! I am doing a new thing. If my people will forget their former ways, and allow my Spirit to melt them as one, then will I command such a blessing as has not been seen before..... And this I will do: I will take up My Sword, and will ride upon My White Horse. But now you must wait, pray and prepare. The day is soon coming when you will hear my trumpet sound as l ride throughout the earth, causing great consternation amongst the Nations. After this, you will follow, armed in the knowledge of mercy, not sacrifice, and with a new Sword. Thus, when you give your battle cry of 'FREEDOM....' they shall be free indeed. For none shall be able to stand against the authority of my Word."
Conference in Birmingham UK. Dated: January 1997
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But concerning the old-guard you must be aware: Some, like Moses, have longed to see the things that you will see. Be patient and full of grace with these old and faithful servants. They lived in the light which I gave them. Cloaked with the pride of respectability and the false religion of old they are neither hot nor cold in my sight. They have succumbed to the fear of man and to the ways of the world. These I will vomit out of my presence, but do not rejoice, rather mourn what might have beenů".You have only two choices, according to the modern-day prophets. Either you "go with the flow" of the new anointing or cling on to the old ways and die out with the old generation.
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