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The other mistake that media people make is this. People are so sh*t. Sometimes people confuse fame with the anointing and you can have a powerful influence over people and everybody wants you and says: "Oh Gosh they are so good" and you can lose your anointing. And most people don't even recognise it. You'll know it and God will know it and the devil will know it. And you cannot operate in the sphere of your anointed assignment without your anointing. And so when we get into the media we just try to be cute and just trying to be charismatic and saying to look at me look at me. We are going to be shot down. We are going to be hurt and we are going to hurt people because that's not why God called you to media. God does not call you to media because you look good and have proof of that and any other issue he calls you to media because your anointed assignment on your life is there. And if that's the case how can we possibly anaesthetise our anointing. God cover us, hide us behind the cross and cover us with a mantle of a grace that makes my agenda disappear and only the fragrance of Christ the beauty of Christ appear. That is so important. And so when we have favour and we have an audience, we have a platform, we have more than ever, we need to stay close to Jesus. Because once the train starts going, the train what happens once the train of momentum starts going the fuel is for your personal prayer life, your devotion, your concentration to surrender to God because that's what gives you energy, momentum and when you stop doing that your train will keep going, you know, they can't stop you and your train can ride five miles just on its momentum and a lot of the time people don't know that their fuel is gone. Don't let your fuel be gone. When you get dry replenish your soul you're vulnerable, seek the Lord. In the middle of a media Jesus Christ would be teaching huge crowds, unbelievable masses, a media ministry. He would close the Bible, close the scroll, walk away and the disciples would say: "Where are you going, man, the masses are there?" and he would say: "You don't understand. I'm empty. So all through the gospels you'll find he withdrew himself to pray. He went to the garden to pray, he went to the mountain to pray. He recognised that his value to humanity was only when he was full of heaven, full of the Holy Spirit, full of God's love, full of God's power and when he emptied out he had to go and replenish his soul. So that's the way we survive in any kind of ministry assignment. We don't run on empty. Whenever it's empty we make sure that we take heed to ourself. We pay attention to our own personal life we pay attention because the sin which you conquer when you are strong will always try to come back to you when you are weak. And if you are not careful something you conquered a long time ago will come up and conquer you because you let down your guard thinking I'm successful now, I've got this going now and media now sometimes the portrait of fame can make you think you are not vulnerable. But just one bad day, just one. The point is without praying the arrows come in. We can't afford on any spiritual occasion we can't afford to trust in ourselves. We cannot afford to be deluded by how things are going.
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