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One Quote by: Tim Condor of Emmaus Way Emerging Community

.. and there are many stories in the New Testament and the Old Testament where the baptisms the conversions, invitations, the salvations all of those things do not perfectly fit in our story. So I would suggest that using doctrine as the boundary of your community is in some ways theologically and biblically challenged, at least in this way, it doesnít seem to work in every circumstance. I would also say, Ö it is functionally challenged, it, it isnít working in the sense that we have so much disagreement in our Christian communities, its hard, this is not a bad thing, itís part of a postmodern world. One definition of a postmodern world is a world that believes in lots and lots of stories rather than one big story.
M-7 Conference (Mission 2007 Church of the Nazarenes). Dated: 19th February 2007
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