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Three Quotes by: Timothy Fleming of Mount Carmel Baptist Church

God then leavened me with his testimony. He said, ďThose who put their faith in the words written in doctrine will not inherit the Kingdom of God. But, those who put their faith in the words of the Holy Spirit will live in Godís Kingdom forever.
Book: by Tim Fleming entitled: The New Testament. God?s New Law Page 668 Published: 2007.
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August 20th 2004, on the way home from work God increased sanctions on the church. He declared that testimony from the old law (the bible old testament/new testament) will no longer be considered in his high court because his New Law has been declared.
Book: by Tim Fleming entitled: New Testament God's New Law p 667 Published: 20th August 2004.

August 20th 2004, God endorsed his New Law for release to society. The New Law will be given to the populations innate, uniting the planet. Regarding marriage God stated that marriage is in his eyes not manís. If you are gay, get married. Buy rings for each other, make wedding vows, and hold ceremonies in your own homes/other. Rejoice because it is allowed and blessed, and marriage between two men/woman is preferred than a union that is not committed.
Book: by Tim Fleming entitled: New Testament God's New Law p 666 Published: 20th August 2004.

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