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One Quote by: Paul McGuire of The King's College and Seminary professor, radio host and author.

[21.45 secs in]The Lord spoke to me, and He said that in the last days as these problems accelerate, that God was going to pour out this supernatural power in an unprecedented force and manner. And as I'm joining you now, I just want to share with you very briefly that, no matter what situation you're facing, whether you're religious or not, that right now as you're watching this TV program, the supernatural power of God is flowing through this studio into your bedroom or living room, or wherever you are, and you can feel it. It's like a tangible force. It's like electricity is filling your room and you can sense the overwhelming power of God. I just want to encourage you, that's going to give you the power you need to live triumphantly in the days to come. But no matter what you're facing, the Lord simply wants you to just receive His force as He extends it to you now. So whatever you're facing, whatever challenge or problem you have, at this moment the Lord delights in proving His reality, not with talk, but with power.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 21st August 2013.
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