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Two Quotes by: Rick Godwin of Summit Christian Center Senior pastor.

The Lord is going to have a "Glorious Church" before He returns ... For years the belief was that we would never have another revival, ... We utterly reject that line of thinking in light of clear Scripture. The Glorious Church is to be a mighty army of over-comers through whom God reveals and demonstrates Himself to man.
Sourced from a tape: Vision of the Eagle's Nest Christian Fellowship," in Tape and Book Catalog, July, 1990, page 6 Dated: July 1990
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So we see in Abraham the birthing of two seeds: the nation of Israel physically and the spiritual nation of Israel-the Church. And if I hear one more person say, "Ahhh, there ain't no such thing as the spiritual Israel." I'm going to vomit all over 'em. What are we reading? For God sake. Get rid of that Judaistic spirit after the flesh and we'll find out what the real Jew is! You'll find out God has never been and is not now a racist. Ever! The Church is. God isn't; never has been."
Sourced from a tape: The True Seed of Abraham Tape G032788 Dated: 1990
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