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The passionate love of God manifesting now in the hearts of Godís people by the Holy Spirit is birthing the full grown body of Christ. There is a time of birth without tolerance. At the precise moment, in the thousands of years of Godís dealing with man, when it is time birth comes. Anyone who would stand against the birth of the fruit of Godís passion will meet the passion of Godís flaming sword in the hands of His powerful angels.
"Unrelenting Love" Digest, April 15, 2014. Dated: 15th April 2014
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Now, in this age, there are people being transformed from natural earthly spirit beings into supernatural spiritual sons of God Ė literally becoming as Christ is in this world today.
Sourced from an article: Partaking of the Divine Nature,Ē OpenHeaven Digest, July 26, 2012. by . Dated: 26th July 2012
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... God is in the process of cleansing, preparing, and selecting an army of pure-hearted holy humble and mature kingdom sons for the purpose of multiplying the seed of the kingdom into the God-cleansed earth and the heavenly atmosphere upon and around it.
Email newsletter, entitled: Supernatural Cleansing. Dated: 19th July 2012
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