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Three Quotes by: Rev. Sun Myung Moon of Unification Church Died 2nd September 2012.

That Jesus failed in His mission, that Moon is the true Messiah, and that Jesus Christ has said, "The King of Glory...our precious Lord Sun Myung Moon and his beloved bride Hak Ja Han...reign as king and queen of the entire universe...{and} I, Jesus of Nazareth, known as the Christ, bow in humility before them..
Victory of Love (Unification Church, 1992), 65-66. As cited in Cornerstone.. Dated: 1992
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God's dream still remains unfulfilled. It was not fulfilled 2,000 years ago, or in the home of any religious leader or any American home, and today the Unification Church is here to pledge to fulfill that dream. We don't want to confine that fulfillment to our Church, but to expand it all over the world. Wouldn't that be the Kingdom of God on earth?
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 22nd January 1978.
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This is why God created so many different religions: to be training grounds to make a path for every people, culture, custom, and tradition. Religions polish people to be qualified to enter the region of the original homeland. Because of humankind's many different cultural backgrounds, God sought and set the standard of comparison and has been leading the way toward one unified religious world.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: date not given.

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