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Five Quotes by: James Ryle member of the Promise Keepers Board of Directors.

Turtullian concluded his discourse with the deliberate exaggeration, “The whole world is full of oracles of this description!” While he did not teach that all dreams were from God, Turtullian did say, “From God must all these visions be regarded as emanating, which may be compared to the actual grace of God, as being honest, holy, prophetic, inspired, instructive, and inviting to virtue.” My sentiments exactly!
Book: by James Ryle entitled: A Dream Come True p. 158 Published: May 1995.
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God has given each one of us what I call `vision hunger' - an appetite for revelation from God, an inner need for visual soul stimulation.
Book: by James Ryle entitled: A Dream Come True p228 (Creation House) Published: 1995.
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I {God} called those four lads {the Beatles} from Liverpool to myself. There was a call from God on their life; they were gifted by my hand; and it was I who anointed them, for I had a purpose, and the purpose was to usher in the charismatic renewal with musical revival around the world.
A sermon entitled "Sons of Thunder" preached at Boulder Valley Vineyard in Longmont, Colorado. Dated: 1st July 1990
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And when those whom the Lord has anointed step forth, their faces will be radiant with His glory, their voices will resonate with His love. And their songs will deposit the redeeming power of the Lord Jesus Christ into the lives of those who hear the new sound of music!
The New Sound Of Music. Dated: no date given
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There is today a group of people who promote themselves as biblical purist, the faithful remnant who alone preach the Word and who evidently possess the power to judge and criticize anyone who is not like them. This is nothing new, as any student of scripture can attest. It was in fact this very kind of people who crucified Jesus Christ. They are scribes and Pharisees, religious and angry, attacking and persecuting anyone who dares to differ from their exclusive views.
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