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Eleven Quotes by: Kris Valloton of Bethel Church, Redding, California

I dont even know if I believe what I am about to say! This could be a real nasty study. Take the new Testament and read what Jesus quotes and then interpret it. Okay, Follow me. Go back to the different passages that Jesus quoted and see what the prophet meant them to mean when he wrote them. You are going to find a very interesting dynamic. Jesus oft times took scripture out of context and meant it to mean something which the prophet did not mean it to mean when he said it. But of course if you are Jesus you can do whatever you want. [Ed.: False teacher]
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Lets just begin to speak against this virus, and lets use our faith to move this virus out of…lets say can send it to Mars coz we don’t think there’s any Martians there, so why don’t we just altogether send this thing to Mars..wherever, wherever out of the universe..and lets just begin to believe God and lets fast, a forty day fast of negativity and fear and lets feast on chocolate…this is the fast I love, we will fast fear and we will eat chocolate.
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And God begins to create creatures that Adam names. Now you can imagine that this was probably a long process because there’s a lot of creatures, right? A couple of things I want to point out here. Did you notice that by the sixth day, God stopped talking? Like God did not speak the creatures into being, he did not speak Adam into being. He literally molded them from dirt. I’m simply saying that sometimes when God’s silent, he’s doing his best work. And so, God begins to form creatures from the dirt, and he passes them by Adam. And I’d like to suggest to you that when Adam’s calling the creatures names, that he’s not calling them ‘Spot’ ‘Fefe’ and ‘Trigger’. And that literally, and the connotation in the Hebrew is that Adam is calling them names. He is actually procreating with God. He’s actually prophesying your divine destiny, and it says, ‘and whatever Adam called them, that was their name’. In other words… let’s say that Adam sees the creature that God has formed and Adam goes “Lion.” And when Adam says “Lion”, suddenly that creature takes on the dynamics of a lion.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 2018.

His celestial mission was to make us wealthy. He didn’t become poor so He could demonstrate the power of poverty; quite the contrary. Actually, He became poor to demonstrate the process to prosperity
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I know this isn’t biblical but it’s not a non biblical, I have to say that now coz all these people write terrible things but, I see this purple bubble that I have prophesied over people that there’s this purple bubble and it’s kinda like the glory the lifter of my head and the Lord’s shield about me, I see the shield like a purple force field, like, kinda looks like an egg that God puts people in and it’s like impervious to biological things, like sickness and disease, and it’s impervious to bullets and bombs and uh things like uh, abductions, rapes, murders, and uh it’s impervious to, just it’s like it has it’s own atmosphere, so I just, I don’t know what that is, but I just release this purple might be the New Testament hedge that was around Job…we just release this purple bubble over us, yes.
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Five Tests for a true Prophet:
1. Does the prophet believe in the redemptive work of the Son of God?
2. False prophets do not like to listen to anyone; they believe that God tells them everything.
3. False prophets are not motivated by love, but are motivated by a need to be noticed.
4. False prophets commonly use fear to motivate people.
5. False prophets are not in a covenant relationship with the body of Christ.

Book: by Kris Valloton entitled: Published: 20th July 2015.
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[5.49] Amen. Now, I want to pray for you. Holy Spirit, I just release these weapons which I saw in a dream and tonight we are talking about prophecy and words and Lord I know that there was a lot more in the dream that we were handing out.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 7th July 2011.

When Jesus said we must eat His flesh and drink his blood, he wasn't talking about cannibalism, but he was referring to ingestion that leads to incarnation. Christ was the Word that became flesh. It is important that we ingest the Word of God in a way that causes us to digest His life until Christ is literally formed in us. Ingestion without digestion will lead to feeling full but not being transformed. Digestion is more than just a taste test, it is the full meal of His presence that conforms us to His image. There is an old saying that is true in this case, "You are what you eat!"
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 31st January 2011.
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[1.50 mins in] The number one thing that an apostle is is a cultural transformer. If you are not transforming culture - I don't mean you don't have a great ministry, I mean you are not apostolic. And how many people understand that we add apostolic to the front of everything now? Well, that's an apostolic network. Really? What makes it apostolic? They are planting churches. If you plant churches and they don't transform the city, listen I am not saying they are not good churches but if the goal of the church that you plant is not to transform cities, they are not apostolic.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 21st November 2010.

There's a difference between a bad prophetic word and a false prophet. You can get the [prophetic] word wrong, and not be a false prophet. Because you give words that aren't completely accurate, it doesn't mean you're a false prophet. It just means that you have prophetic words that need help. I can tell you that there are people who've been wrong for thirty years. I'm not saying they're false prophets. I'm just saying they are bad ones. There's a difference between a false prophet and a bad prophet. False prophet has an evil heart. A bad prophet just gets everything wrong.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 7th September 2010.
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[8mins]…Not just the mantle of William Branham, how about the mantle of Jesus Christ? That’s even a bigger one there…
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 15th August 2010.
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