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Contemplative prayer, in its simplest form, is a prayer in which you still your thoughts and emotions and focus on God Himself. This puts you in a better state to be aware of God’s presence, and it makes you better able to hear God’s voice, correcting, guiding, and directing you. (p. 16)
Book: by Jan Johnson entitled: When the Soul Listens: Finding Rest and Direction in Contemplative Prayer Published: 17th January 2012.
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and a lot of times this has to do with spiritual disciplines, which are just little practices, little excercises, little things you do on a regular basis to connect with God. They are all about connecting with God not just trying to do wonderful things and be spiritual or be important. If you do these connecting activities God changes you.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 18th September 2011.
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These days followers of Christ practice mostly disciplines of engagement (such as Bible study, prayer, worship, service and fellowship), which help us take in the life of God. This is good but when we keep breathing in the richness of God without breathing out our self-centeredness we become bloated and swollen—unable to use what we have taken in. Abstinence disciplines are like breathing out. As we say ‘no’ to certain things, we create space to say yes to seeking God and soul-nurturing companionship with God.
Book: by Jan Johnson entitled: Abundant Simplicity Published: 19th June 2011.

We relinquish talking, analyzing, and enjoying the company of others in order to attend only to God. This relinquishment is crucial. "We have all heard this holy whisper at times," wrote Thomas Kelly, a Quaker college professor… " [But w]e have not surrendered all else, to attend to it alone.
Book: by Jan Johnson entitled: When The Soul Listens: Finding Rest And Direction In Contemplative Prayer p83 Published: 1st October 1999.
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