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Two Quotes by: Dave Vaughan of Emerge Wales

This behaviour and message {at Sloshfest where all appear to be having a drunken party} is bringing liberation to a world that doesn't want Christianity as it has been. People are looking for something relevant to them. If you like to party, drink and take drugs, our advice is, 'Don't drink Vodka, drink God-ka'. There is no greater high than the Most High. When you come into God's presence there is an intoxication that is overwhelming. It is filled with life and brings you to another level of joy unspeakable, liberating you from fears and inhibitions you find in the world. It is a blissful sense of liberty. This isn't offensive to the Lord, but it is to the religious folk who attend a dead organisation. Heaven is going to be wild. God will show up and be the life of the party. We want to see fun coming back into the Church.
Source here on the Internet. Dated: 21st January 2010.

This really is the body of our Lord {holds up piece of bread}. The Catholics have had it right all along. We've been robbed as a people but there's a revelation coming right now. When we partake of the body we really do partake of the body. And when we drink the wine we really do drink of the blood. This is the body of our Lord. The wine is the blood of our Lord. The body is the bliss and the blood is the wine. I encourage you even today. Help I need somebody {trying to sing a Beatles number - because it reminds him of some 'body'}. Help not just anybody Help I need some body. Help! Just thinking taking communion we have probably today partaken of the body of our lord. The ressurrection life flows through you. Enjoy a love feast with Jesus. Enjoy a love feast on Jesus. It really is the body. It really is the blood. Enjoy.
Slosh Fest Sheffield Oct 2008: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPp1-gl2Mwk&feature=related. Dated: October 2008

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