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Two Quotes by: Daniel Kikawa of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries

We have told you that your culture is not honorable, and not good enough for God. As an American Christian I want to ask you for forgiveness for that. And tell you that God has left so much beauty in your culture. Please, I want to do this, to say please forgive me.
Sourced from DVD Fingerprints of God Dated: 2008.
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Christians should cease representing Jesus as the Son of the foreign God of a foreign people, especially if these foreigners had never shown concern for nor had any involvement in the lives or culture of the natives. We should instead introduce Jesus as the Son of their creator God. God lovingly created them in the beginning never left them without a witness and, in his great love for them, even sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for them!
Book: by Daniel Kikawa entitled: Perpetuated in Righteousness, p.27 Published: 1994.
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