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Two Quotes by: Dr Kenneth Boa of Reflections Ministries and Trinity House Publishers

The great pilgrims [i.e. Roman Catholics] along the way have discovered that progress from superficial to substantive apprehension of God is not so much a movement from darkness to light as it is a plummeting into the ever-increasing profundity of the cloud of unknowing.
Book: by Dr Kenneth Boa entitled: Trinity: a Journal, (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2001), p. 8 Published: 2001.
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Lectio divina centers on loving God through His Word. It was introduced to the West by the Eastern desert father John Cassian early in the fifth century. The sixth-century Rule of St. Benedict that guided Benedictine and Cistercian monastic practice prescribed daily periods for sacred reading. Unfortunately, by the end of the Middle Ages it came to be seen as a method that should be restricted to the spiritually elite. As time passed, even monastics lost the simplicity of sacred reading as it was replaced by more complicated systems and forms of “mental prayer.” In recent decades, however, this ancient practice has been revitalized, especially by those in the Cistercian tradition. Writers like Thomas Merton…[and] Thomas Keating…have been promoting sacred reading in Catholic circles, and Protestants are now being exposed to this approach as well.
Book: by Dr Kenneth Boa entitled: The Trinity: a Journal, pp. 12-13. Published: 2001.
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